Golf at Lacanau


Our golf season recommences this month after the high summer recess:

We have a lunch reservation at 12.00 for a single table at the restaurant La kalicoba 98 Avenue du lac 33680 , we lunched there in 2012, price still remains very reasonable at 12-13€.  The first depart is at 14;30 at Golf UCPA, route Atlantic 33680, the nine hole hilly course. We have reserved four departs, the last at 1500hrs – so max 16 players!

As always could all interested let me know – first come first served.  Also as always non players are welcome to join us for lunch and/or a beautiful walk around the course, (as long as they are not too critical of the players’ abilities!).  Please register with Brian.

Chateau Siaurac visit

siauracChateau Siaurac at Neac is an impressive 18th Century Chateau in its original state and is built round a cobbled courtyard with the main building opposite the grand entrance. It has been occupied by the same family since 1890.  Neac is bordered by Pomerol and St. Emillion, both of whose church spires are visible from the grounds.

The chateau has vineyards in each of these these appellations in addition to (the largest) in Neac, planted with three grape varieties, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. They produce 6 labels including a St. Emillion Grand Cru Classe.  The chateau divide them into 2 groups of 3 – Great Wines and Early Drinking Wines.  All are impressive.  The tour and lunch for €38 consists of a visit to the vines, the cellars and the very impressive cave and the chateau itself. Lunch is ‘gourmet’ self service and includes various delicious items.  The price includes the tasting of the three “Early Drinking” wines.

The lunch, weather permitting would be on the manicured lawns of the chateau.  The grounds are set out in classic English style with grand trees introduced by an ancestor of the family and include Redwood, a 300 year old Green Oak and numerous Maples and wonderfully aromatic Larches. If  the weather is inclement there is a light and spacious dining room.

A visit not to be missed and easy to make a day of it since charming St. Emillion 8 km away (and the tourist season is close to ending!)

Please book with Brian

Bordeaux as a Pilgrimage City


What do a long walking staff, a broad-brimmed hat, a water gourd, a scallop shell and a « stamp » book all have in common, you might ask?  Well, they are the necessaries of pilgrims following The Route of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.

While it may be true all roads lead to Rome, many of them lead to Bordeaux as well, which is where
pilgrims following The Route of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle (now on the UNESCO World Heritage List) stopped to pray on their way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

Bordeaux is rich in heritage, but to see it you sometimes have to keep your eyes on the ground! Following our guide, Alain, and the brass studs embedded in the city’s pavement and sidewalks, we walked a section of the pilgrim route where it passes through downtown Bordeaux.  We picked up thetrail at the basilica of Saint Seurin where are housed religious relics (feet, anyone?!) in whose vicinity pilgrims pray.  We then walked to the cathedral of Saint André, just as the pilgrims did and still do today, in which can be found a chapel dedicated to Saint James.  Next, our walk took us through various streets, down to the basilica of Saint Michel where we did not actually go inside, preferring to save that for another day once the reconstruction of the surrounding plaza is complete. And besides, it was time for our lunch in the nearby Café Tupina on the quay located near our final destination, the church of SainteCroix.  This church (once a hospice) welcomed mental patients by offering metal rings to which they could be tied during mass.  At each religious edifice can be found a multitude of sculptures and statues referring to St. James and the Golden Age of pilgrimage, if one knows just where to look.

We all agreed we would like to continue this series of discoveries in Bordeaux with our informative guide.  So, keep your eyes wide open . . . and join in the next adventure!
Our thanks to guide, Alain, and organizer Bjarne for all their work to make this
such an enjoyable day for each of us.  (Report by Elizabeth)

Fun on/in the lake! – Biscarrosse

sailingWhat a dreamy day! ‘Fun on/in the lake’ was an enormous success for those present: temperature just perfect for not worrying too much about shade or suncream and as for moseying about on the water in a yacht, not too much wind so ‘tres agréable’ for those without their sea legs! (The skippers may describe the conditions in another way… But this is my rendition of the day!)

As new members we received a warm welcome from the BBC crew who were most accommodating of my 4 year old running around nude demanding attention and my 1 and half year old and his fascination for the only seat present at the picnic…..

Phil and Norma have an idyllic almost private beach near their house. There were all kinds of water ‘toys’ to entertain us and their sailing boat is moored at one of the two jetties. We made great use of these ‘sit on’ toys, and had a short trip in Phil’s boat to meet Gary’s party en route from the sailing club.  Gary then tied up at the jetty where we settled very comfortably for our picnic, literally ‘on’ the water!
More importantly it created a wonderful launching pad for my kids to jump into Phil’s arms in the water!

After lunch we split into three parties, the youngest with Gary, the older ones with Phil whilst the two Normas stayed on the beach in the shade.  The two yachts sailed together in the centre of the lake where there was a little more wind, providing a good opportunity for others to take the helm!

So thank you Phil, and Gary for the initiative and organization! And thank you crew for the company, we really enjoyed meeting you all.  What a fantastic day for (probably) our last lake trip of the season! ”

PS : when Louis had to “write” about his weekend for school he recited going on two boats: a small red  one with a cabin and a big white one with a cabin and the big white one even had a toilet and a bed! That was his weekend!!  (Report by Bindi)

A variety of watersports will be catered for, the major one being sailing on the lake (claimed to be the largest in France!). Several members are offering an excursion under sail, altogether a maximum of 8 (plus skippers) can be accommodated, so depending on numbers, one or more yachts will make more than one excursion, we are also reliant on at least one crew member who has sailed before!

Those not afloat will be based at a lovely semi-private, part shaded beach and adjacent pontoon where windsurfer canoes can be borrowed – it is ideal for swimming and the water is now at its warmest ! It is also ideal for your picnic!  Clearly the organization will be adapted to suit the numbers, so please book early!  If you would like to come, please register with Phil.

Fun on/in the lake! - Gallery

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