• Trump spent Saturday watching Obama-bashing clips 21st January 2018
    The U.S. government shut down at 12.01am on Saturday and politicians could not reach a deal on the government's budget. Trump reportedly spent much of his day watching television coverage.
  • IRA 'plotted to kill Princess Margaret' 21st January 2018
    The IRA plotted to murder Princes Margaret for calling the Irish 'pigs' during an official tour to the US in 1979 a new biography has revealed.
  • Pilot whale washes up on Langre beach in Cantabria 21st January 2018
    The carcass of a pilot whale was found on Langre beach in Cantabria this morning, prompting fears it died from plastic pollution. The mayor said experts were coming to collect the body for study.
  • Double stabbing at Luton shopping centre 21st January 2018
    Two men have been taken to hospital after they were stabbed at a shopping centre in Luton. Pictures posted onto social media show a trail of blood through the shopping centre.
  • Pantone colour gurus reveal this year's trend is violet 21st January 2018
    The colour gurus at Pantone have declared this year’s hot hue is ultra violet. Any shade of purple is such a Marmite colour that the choice has sent shockwaves around the interior design world.
  • Michigan parents charged in murder of daughter, 4 21st January 2018
    Newly released dash cam footage shows the moment a Michigan couple accused in the 'worst child abuse death' a medical examiner has seen in decades were captured.
  • Coronation Street Melissa Johns hits out at sex tape leak 21st January 2018
    The 27-year-old, based in Manchester, who was born without her right arm or forearm, says she feels 'disrespected' the 'intimate exchange' between her and her boyfriend was exposed.
  • Turkish towns hit by ‘missile fired from inside Syria’ 21st January 2018
    The Turkish border town of Reyhanli was struck by six rockets fired from Syria as tensions between the two countries continued following a Turkish military operation,
  • Winston Churchill's other darkest hour 21st January 2018
    The moment may have been poignant, but it was thanks to Robert Pulvertaft that Winston Churchill had not died in the ruins of Carthage. Finally, this man’s contribution to history can be recognised.
  • Scarlett Johansson's defense of Woody Allen haunts speech 21st January 2018
    Accusations of hypocrisy were quickly flipped against Johansson, who was considered something of a muse to Woody Allen, and defended him against child sexual abuse claims in 2014.