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  • It’ll take more than shopping to save our debt-addled economy | Chris Bickerton 20/08/2018
    Britain’s growth model is unsustainable, and has created scandalous levels of inequality – we should rely more on production, not consumptionThe British growth model is well and truly broken. If any more evidence for this was needed, it came from figures last month showing that households had become net borrowers for the first time since records began in 198 […]
    Chris Bickerton
  • Only Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour can reimagine an EU that works for everyone | Hilary Wainwright 20/08/2018
    While New Labour dragged Europe to the right, Corbyn could champion an anti-austerity vision for the whole of EuropeLong before the EU started to evolve into its current incarnation, there was a different vision of a united Europe. In 1941 a group of socialist and communist anti-fascists were imprisoned by Mussolini on the island of Ventotene. Led by Altiero […]
    Hilary Wainwright
  • Peter Schrank on calls for 'a true Brexiter' to become Tory leader – cartoon 19/08/2018
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    Peter Schrank
  • Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and the problem of definition | Paul Chadwick 19/08/2018
    As readers’ concerns about the Guardian’s coverage of the Labour leader pick up, disentangling the issues gets ever trickierReaders’ complaints about Guardian coverage of UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn are rising.They are a steady trickle, not a flood, and not at mid-2016 levels; but they are bubbling again after a lull that followed his second party l […]
    Paul Chadwick
  • The Guardian view on China: unease at home and abroad | Editorial 19/08/2018
    There are real and important problems to address, but Donald Trump’s trade war will not solve themThis has not been the easiest of summers for Xi Jinping and his country. Donald Trump’s tariffs have rattled nerves in Beijing, already unsettled by the slowing economy. The ministry of finance and the central bank have had an open spat over fiscal policy. There […]