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  • Illegal immigration? Banks don’t even tackle slavery and trafficking | Prem Sikka 23rd September 2017
    From the crash to the Panama Papers, banking has an appalling record. Letting it loose on 70m accounts is an invitation to racial profiling and privacy abuseAn established Conservative party strategy is to play the immigration card whenever it is in trouble. Today is no different. This time it is enrolling banks and building societies to carry out checks for […]
    Prem Sikka
  • How weird does a celebrity have to be before we stop watching their films? 23rd September 2017
    All celebrities are a bit weird, so when one is known for being Weird Even For A Celebrity, you know they are probably crossing over to ‘actually quite scary’Of the many deeply uncool things I am obsessed with – The Golden Girls, the oeuvre of Roxette, Princess Anne’s hair – the uncoolest is also the one that has been with me the longest. Tom Cruise has been […]
    Hadley Freeman
  • I’m glad it’s all over for Uber in London – and I work for them | Anonymous 23rd September 2017
    As a driver, I enjoyed the early years. Then the company slashed fares in an attempt to crush its rivals, forcing us all to work longer hours for less payI’ve been an Uber driver for five years, so you’d expect me to be furious that Transport for London wants to stop the company operating in the capital. Not a bit of it.I could not be happier with TFL’s ruli […]
  • I’m lucky. I can afford private mental health treatment. What about those who can’t? | Deborah Orr 23rd September 2017
    Experts know how to help me, and thousands of others. But the NHS just doesn’t have the moneyAlmost one in 10 14-year-old boys have symptoms of anxiety and depression. Which is awful. But almost a quarter of 14-year-old girls have such symptoms. That is such a sad and miserable statistic that one barely knows where to start. The worst thing of all is that it […]
    Deborah Orr
  • I was relaxed about Britain’s drug culture revolution – but not any more | John Harris 23rd September 2017
    With deaths at record levels, calls for legalisation feel simplistic. But we must do more to make drugs such as ecstasy safeThirty years ago this November, a DJ called Danny Rampling co-founded a club night in Southwark, London, that he called Shoom. Essentially, he was trying to capture what he had experienced that summer on the Balearic island of Ibiza: a […]
    John Harris