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  • The Guardian view on vaccination: a duty of public health | Editorial 17/02/2019
    The anti-vaxx movement arises from mistrust but threatens the physical health of societyThe latest World Health Organization report on measles epidemics shows that cases jumped by 50% last year. In one of the poorest and least connected countries in the world, Madagascar, nearly a thousand children are reported to have died after a measles outbreak in the co […]
  • The Guardian view on Thailand’s election: staving off the real reckoning | Editorial 17/02/2019
    The political soap opera around a princess’s brief candidacy has further exposed the dangerous rifts within the country. Until they are addressed, the cycle of elections, unrest and coups is likely to continueThailand is due to go to the polls next month, but after a short-lived political earthquake it looks likelier than ever that the military will entrench […]
  • Nicola Jennings on Trump's border wall commitment – cartoon 17/02/2019
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    Nicola Jennings
  • Leaving the EU won’t advance anti-capitalism | Letters 17/02/2019
    Readers discuss the pros and cons of Brexit and frictionless trade between the UK and the rest of EuropeI take it Larry Elliott has his suits made by hand, drives a Morgan and/or rides a Brompton, drinks expensive English wine, and is currently only eating root vegetables with his British meat (Carney is right – globalisation needs reform. Brexit is a start, […]
  • Britain’s responsibility to right the wrongs of its colonial past | Letters 17/02/2019
    Letters from Girish Menon, Philip Murphy and Simon O’ConnellThe Tory report and Johnson’s claims that the aid budget “could be spent to promote the UK’s interests abroad” is another worrying move towards slashing our commitment to ending global poverty, breaking up the Department for International Development, and furthering the threat of an increasingly “li […]