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  • May yawned. God this was dull. Why was she even here? | John Crace 24/06/2019
    Where once Commons jibes might have hurt, now they bounce off. She has a perspective on her lifeHow times change. Two months ago a statement by the prime minister on the latest EU council meeting would have been considered a significant occasion. One worthy of a full House of Commons. Now the government is so marginal – not just to the EU but to the country […]
    John Crace
  • Boris Johnson’s chaotic private life parallels his public pronouncements | Suzanne Moore 24/06/2019
    The separation between private and public is dubious – when it comes to our politicians, what should be off-limits?They sit in a field, no drinks on the table, loved up as never before – or so we are to believe. We are expected to call them Boris and Carrie, as though they are people we might know or even like. How much can we be played? All that plays in my […]
    Suzanne Moore
  • The Guardian view on Tory leadership: politics may not survive Brexit | Editorial 24/06/2019
    The Brexit virus that is running through the Conservatives may end up shutting down both the party and the electoral system that supports itThe threat by a Conservative minister to bring down the government of the next party leader if he attempts to leave the European Union without a deal shows how the Brexit virus, having hijacked the Tory machine, could en […]
  • The Guardian view on female voice assistants: not OK, Google | Editorial 24/06/2019
    When computer assistants reply in female voices, are they saying that women lack power in their world?Within two years there will be more voice assistants on the internet than there are people on the planet. Another, possibly more helpful, way of looking at these statistics is to say that there will still be only half a dozen assistants that matter: Apple’s […]
  • Martin Rowson on Boris Johnson's push to become prime minister – cartoon 24/06/2019
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    Martin Rowson