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  • Has the time come for remainers to compromise? | Martin Kettle 17/10/2018
    While the focus has been on how Tory backbenchers will vote on a Brexit deal, pro-Europeans on the opposition benches will face a crucial dilemma tooFor politicians, compromise can be a surprisingly hard word. So it is today over the Brexit endgame. The talk is still of crashing out, no deals and blood red lines. But this is paradoxical. Politics, like life […]
    Martin Kettle
  • The Guardian view on the Gender Recognition Act: where rights collide | Editorial 17/10/2018
    It should be possible to advance trans equality without harming the interests of women. But a toxic debate has made it harderSince 2004 trans people in the UK have been able to legally change their gender with a gender recognition certificate. The Gender Recognition Act became the first law in the world allowing someone to change gender without surgery. Sinc […]
  • Milkman is an essential novel for our times – every politician should read it | Charlotte Higgins 17/10/2018
    The Booker winner delivers more insight into the estrangement of a society from itself than most of our MPs could musterToday, very few British politicians admit to reading novels, let alone make a virtue of the fact – although Scottish first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is a notable exception, and Jeremy Corbyn has named Ulysses as his favourite book. Perhaps […]
    Charlotte Higgins
  • Fascists are like vampires. Let them in at your peril | Zoe Williams 17/10/2018
    At first, inviting them on to chatshows and the pages of tabloids seemed like mischievous fun. But now they are glorying in the limelight – and hard to destroyFascism is interesting in its “creep” stage, where you have a hint of what you’re looking at, but you’re not quite sure, and you keep turning it over for historical marks, like the Antiques Roadshow of […]
    Zoe Williams
  • The Guardian view on the Windrush generation: the scandal isn’t over | Editorial 17/10/2018
    Victims are still in dire financial need, having lost income when they were wrongly classified as illegal immigrants. They can wait no longerA year ago, the Guardian began investigating the scandalous treatment of members of the Windrush generation who, after decades of living and working in Britain, were wrongly classified as illegal immigrants. Some were t […]