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  • Democracies will fail if they don’t deal with the fallout of globalisation | Editorial 21st January 2018
    Democracies will fall under the spell of populists like Donald Trump if they fail to deal with the fallout of globalisationThe rich, as F Scott Fitzgerald noted, “are different from you and me”. Their wealth, he wrote, makes them “cynical where we are trustful” and their affluence makes them think they are “better than we are”. These words ring truest among […]
  • The Guardian view on sporting diplomacy: scoring not shooting | Editorial 21st January 2018
    The joint North-South Korean ice hockey team planned for next month’s Winter Olympics is a small win, whatever their fortunes on the rinkWill a flag and half a dozen ice hockey sticks solve the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula? Of course not. If, as planned, a joint North-South women’s team strides forth under a pro-unification flag at next month’s Win […]
  • How best to leave the world of work behind | Letters 21st January 2018
    Readers respond to Andy Beckett’s recent Guardian articleAndy Beckett’s long read was elucidating and possibly prescient (Post-work: is the job finished?, 19 January). However, it’s not just a matter of whether workers can survive having the time and freedom of post-work but also how to manage the transition from one to the other. As a retiree of almost 70, […]
  • Ethics in a hyper-materialist age | Letters 21st January 2018
    Readers respond to the Guardian’s call for a caring capitalismWhen I started as an inner-city priest in Elephant and Castle in 1973, belief in social justice abounded, together with hope and confidence in community work. As vicar of Tottenham in the 80s, the years preceding the Broadwater Farm riots, I watched the erosion of community wellbeing with mounting […]
  • UN is dealing with sexual harassment | Editorial 21st January 2018
    ‘Our policy is zero-tolerance,’ writes the organisation’s under-secretary-general for management, Jan Beagle. Plus Mark Lewinski on grievance systems in schoolsYour report on sexual harassment at the United Nations (19 January) raises disturbing issues that we take very seriously. As an organisation, we express our deep sympathy for staff members who have fe […]