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  • The Guardian view on the housing crisis: Fiscal Phil’s last chance 19th November 2017
    The chancellor claimed there were no unemployed people. That’s 1.4m reasons to do something bold about the catastrophic shortage of homesThe chancellor approaches his second budget on Wednesday from a position of vulnerability. A little like the polar bear on the thawing iceberg, but less cuddly, he is a lonely figure marooned in a shrinking world, the polit […]
  • The Guardian view on Brexit and the Irish border: Britain’s shameful dereliction | Editorial 19th November 2017
    From the referendum campaign onwards, Brexiters have ignored the dire implications for Ireland. The neglect is a political and moral failure alikeThroughout his career, Gerry Adams relentlessly singled out the British government for the blame in Ireland’s troubles. In truth, the responsibility for Northern Ireland’s miseries was widely shared, not least with […]
  • Ireland is caught between Brexiteers and Brussels | Letters 19th November 2017
    The Irish republic and Northern Ireland could pay a high price for the UK’s divorce from the EU, suggest letters from readers including the former Labour minister Jeff RookerRafael Behr’s brilliant evisceration of the UK government’s shambolic handling of Brexit makes for depressing reading from the Dublin side of the Irish Sea (As Tories slug it out, does a […]
  • The chancellor must end austerity now – it is punishing an entire generation | Letters 19th November 2017
    Alongside the human costs, cuts have hurt our economy, and we’ve now reached a dangerous tipping point, say Joseph Stiglitz, Ha-Joon Chang and 111 othersSeven years of austerity has destroyed lives. An estimated 30,000 excess deaths can be linked to cuts in NHS spending and the social care crisis in 2015 alone. The number of food parcels given to impoverishe […]
  • Put (in)famous names in historical context | Letters 19th November 2017
    John Dubber says trying to erase difficult parts of history from our national consciousness could be counterproductive, while Peter McKenna makes an interesting observation about Penny LaneMichael Rosen is right that simply removing historic names from our monuments, roads, buildings and towns could miss an important opportunity (Should Liverpool University […]