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  • Martin Rowson on Theresa May's hard sell – cartoon 14/12/2018
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    Martin Rowson
  • Winning a second Brexit referendum is possible – with Europe’s help | Jonathan Freedland 14/12/2018
    Instead of rerunning 2016 we should choose between May’s deal and staying in a reformed EUIf it’s not Jacob Rees-Mogg, it’s Jean-Claude Juncker, the double-barrelled duo giving Theresa May both barrels within 24 hours of each other. No sooner had the monocled mutineer called for May to resign after she had seen off his motion of no confidence than the head o […]
    Jonathan Freedland
  • The Guardian view on Theresa May’s predicament: humiliated at home and abroad | Editorial 14/12/2018
    Hard Brexiters have used confusion to prosecute their damaging fantasies. The PM ought to put an end to their delusions and lies for the country’s sakeThe events in Brussels should not be overstated, nor underplayed. The prime minister has been humiliated by European leaders. Theresa May’s bid for new Brexit concessions was icily rejected by European Union l […]
  • The Guardian view on books at Christmas: ’tis the season to be reading | Editorial 14/12/2018
    Books are a gift – whether given to others or bought for oneself. Take a break, put away your screens, and curl up with one of the year’s top titles or an old favouriteThe gift of reading is often a literal one at this time of year. Bookshops are full of titles that are a pleasure to look at and to own: shinily illustrated cookery and nature books, novelty t […]
  • Our environment is for life, not just for Christmas | Letters 14/12/2018
    Fiona Gomersall on ecological damage caused by Christmas trees, Rachel Kennerley on richer nations bearing the greatest burden, Sandy Irvine on population pressures and John Hobson on a carbon-added tax. Plus letters from Daniel Scharf, and Dr Stephen Brien of the Legatum InstituteYour article about which Christmas trees to buy (Fake or real: which ones look […]