• Stage hit celebrates the weatherman who prevented D-Day disaster 21st April 2018
    Story of Scottish meteorologist James Stagg’s crucial intervention in Operation Overlord comes to the West End in tense drama PressureA tense historical drama celebrating the D-day intervention made by a forgotten Scottish hero is to transfer to the West End and a film version is being planned.Pressure, written and performed by the actor David Haig, tells th […]
  • Mortgage costs hit two-year high as lenders anticipate rise in UK base rate 21st April 2018
    Average homeowner with a typical loan of £175,000 is now paying £44 a month more than last autumnRates on the most popular mortgage deals have reached their highest levels in two years as lenders increase prices in advance of an expected interest rate rise next month.The average mortgage rate has gone up by 0.25 percentage points since last month. This follo […]
  • Social media safeguards ‘inadequate’, says Hunt 21st April 2018
    Health minister calls big tech firms ‘irresponsible’ for failing to improve online security controlsThe health secretary Jeremy Hunt launched a blistering attack on Sunday on social media companies for “turning a blind eye” to emotional problems and mental health damage suffered by children who have uncontrolled access to their online platforms.In an angrily […]
  • Lost Anthony Burgess essays reveal his hidden inspirations 21st April 2018
    Previously unseen work by the Clockwork Orange novelist and journalist discusses censorship, Hemingway and Fritz Lang’s MetropolisPreviously unpublished essays by Anthony Burgess have been discovered almost 25 years after his death.The writings cover a range of subjects, including Metropolis, Fritz Lang’s classic 1927 film, and fellow writers Ernest Hemingwa […]
  • Mozambique prays for rain as water shortages hit country’s poor 21st April 2018
    Taps in capital city of Maputo being turned off every other day as climate change exacerbates southern African droughtIn the township of Chamanculo, in Maputo, Mozambique, a network of household taps made the community water pump obsolete years ago, freeing residents from the daily burden of lugging massive jerrycans of water long distances.But a water crisi […]
  • Labour to address lack of diversity in British film with new tax relief rules 21st April 2018
    Changes to put ‘rocket booster’ under industry to improve inclusionLabour has drawn up plans that would force film production companies to ensure gender equality and diversity on set, following fresh evidence of the slow pace of change in the movie industry.Under a future Labour government, the party announcedon Sunday vital high-end tax relief, worth hundre […]
  • ‘Everyone is following it’: millions gripped by Kim Wall murder trial as verdict nears 21st April 2018
    Submarine builder Peter Madsen Googled ‘beheading’ and ‘girl’ the night before cutting off journalist’s head, Danish court is toldJust a few hours before embarking on his fateful submarine trip with Swedish journalist Kim Wall, Peter Madsen worried that he lacked the self-control to face a murder trial.“He talked about how he needed to learn to shut up becau […]
  • Tories in new race row over identity checks for elections 21st April 2018
    New rules ‘will deter migrant voters’, watchdog claims, adding to Windrush scandalGovernment plans that will force people to prove their identities at polling stations in May’s local elections risk disenfranchising members of ethnic minority communities, according to a leaked letter to ministers from the equality and human rights watchdog.In a move that will […]
  • Best of Trends: the season's freshest looks for men and women 21st April 2018
    From YSL’s hippy chic to Versace’s pastels, here are the key looks to inspire you this season Continue reading...
  • In the 25 years since Stephen Lawrence’s death, has Eltham changed? 21st April 2018
    Residents of the estate near where the teenager died discuss the legacy of a brutal killing that forced the UK to rethink its attitudes to raceCheryl Clarke is still seething that Stephen Lawrence was granted special treatment, as she sees it. Gesticulating towards the bustling street where the black teenager was murdered 25 years ago today, Clarke says: “A […]