• New Zealand election 2017: polls close as Jacinda Ardern and Bill English fight for win – live 23rd September 2017
    New Zealand’s general election: all you need to knowPolicy by policy: how National and Labour comparePolls give Bill English reasons to be cheerfulWill Jacinda Ardern be New Zealand’s next prime minister? 8.28am BST #nzelection results with 10% counted; follow live here 8.25am BST So we have pink champagne a […]
  • Nigella Lawson: ‘Instagram can make a cook despair’ 23rd September 2017
    Food doesn’t have to be photogenic – and the best recipes are thrown together. The TV cook on how the internet has changed the way we eatExclusive recipes from Nigella Lawson’s new bookI have always taken photographs of everything I eat. You could argue that holding up a meal with a cameraphone is marginally less embarrassing than in the days when you had to […]
  • Stress and social media fuel mental health crisis among girls 23rd September 2017
    NHS data shows 68% rise in hospital admissions because of self-harm among girls under 17 in past decadeGirls and young women are experiencing a “gathering crisis” in their mental health linked to conflict with friends, fears about their body image and pressures created by social media, experts have warned.Rates of stress, anxiety and depression are rising sh […]
  • Top 10 autumn breaks in small UK towns and cities 23rd September 2017
    We asked nature writers to choose their favourite market town or small city for a late-season break. Plus 10 more autumn breaks in the UK countryside Continue reading...
  • You hate Ryanair – but you will fly it again 23rd September 2017
    The recent flights fiasco has upset travellers, but low prices mean they will keep on coming backHere are just a few of the hashtags that sprouted up on Twitter as Ryanair’s flights fiasco exploded on the internet: #BoycottRyanair, #ryanairareshit, #IhateRyanair, #RyanairAreRubbish, #RyanairNightmare, #1stflightonRyanairneveragain, #RyanairFails, #goodbyeRya […]
  • The £230-a-year marriage allowance you could be missing out on 23rd September 2017
    The tax allowance came into effect in April 2015 and so far £1.3bn hasn’t been claimed – but applying online is easyIs there £662 out there with your name on it? Two million couples have failed to claim their share of £1.3bn of marriage allowance cash, it has emerged. Yet getting hold of this money – much of which would be sent to you in the form of a cheque […]
  • Unusually, what can wax moth larvae eat? The Weekend quiz 23rd September 2017
    From bile to bedwetting, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz1 Who went from being North Studio to Old Man Crazy to Paint? 2 In what game might a bidding box be used?3 Unusually, what can wax moth larvae eat? 4 Byrhtnoth’s death in 991 is the subject of which poem? 5 Where is bile stored in the body? 6 Which US state has two Ivy League colleges? 7 What […]
  • Kathy Griffin: 'Trump went for me because I was an easy target' 23rd September 2017
    After baiting celebrities for years, the standup nearly lost her career over her ‘Trump head’ photo. Here, she explains why she’s sorry about saying sorry Related: Shakespeare and Kathy Griffin: controversial art keeps targeting Trump “KATHY GRIFFIN BEHEADS PRESIDENT TRUMP”. So shrieked the headline to a story posted on scurrilous gossip site TMZ on 30 May o […]
  • Direct Line, why has my home insurance gone up by 442% in one year? 23rd September 2017
    The firm’s new tool for assessing flood risk could see home premiums soar, as one reader with a £1,000 policy discoveredWhen Paul Barlow from south London opened his latest home insurance renewal quote from Direct Line, he was staggered by the increase in the premium. The year before the insurer had charged just £189 for his property: a ground-floor, two-bed […]
  • Fit in my 40s: ‘A DNA test is like going to a fortune teller, with science’ 23rd September 2017
    These tests tell you things you would you never know about yourself in a lifetime’s observation, things you would never even think to askThe past is a foreign country, but then you get to an age when the present seems a little exotic, also. Young people are weird about their health, is what I’m trying to say. I’ve met some, and they seem OK, but you only nee […]