2019 BBC Membership Renewal

2019 BBC Membership Renewal REMINDER

Dear BBC Member,

We hope you had a very enjoyable year and took full advantage of your BBC membership with the many varied events on offer.

Membership renewals for 2019 are due in January.  The membership subscription is unchanged at 25€ per family for calendar year 2019 and includes all family members resident at your address.

After many requests, we now have an online payment system to make your annual membership renewal even easier !

Please pay online or by cheque in order to continue your membership (payment details are below)

Best wishes,

Sarah Peel

(BBC Membership Secretary)

Pay Online by the end of January

If you pay online, you will automatically receive a fiscal receipt by email. Enter the details on your next tax return and you will get a tax rebate via a tax credit which effectively reduces your net payment to 8.50 €.  What a bargain !

The BBC uses the Helloasso online payments system which is secure and used by over 90,000 associations in France.

The Helloasso system adds a voluntary ‘tip’ called a ‘Pourboire’, at the page which summarises your payment. There is no obligation for you to add a tip.  If you do not wish to leave a tip, click ‘Modifier‘ and then click the feint box to the left of ‘Je ne souhaite pas laisser de pourboire‘.

Please have your bank card and mobile phone available. The number of the phone must be the one registered against your bank account and will be used by your bank to verify your payment.

Please note that the person making the booking must be recorded as a current member of the Association Bordeaux British Community

The BBC is legally required to keep up to date record of members names and addresses and the online renewal system below also makes it very easy for you to provide these details.

Please pay online here.

On receipt of your payment you will continue to receive the newsletter in 2019 and enjoy the benefits of your membership.

Pay by Cheque by the end of January

Please post a cheque for 25€ payable to BBC together with details of your current address and contact phone number to Sarah, our Membership Secretary:

Sarah PEEL
BBC Membership Secretary
24 rue des Arbousiers

On receipt of your cheque you will continue to receive the newsletter in 2019 and enjoy the benefits of your membership.

Pay by Cash

Payments by cash are no longer accepted. Please pay either online or by cheque.