BBC Membership Renewal for 2019

Dear BBC Member,

The membership subscription for 2019 is unchanged at 25€ per family to include all family members resident at your address.


The BBC has implemented an online payments system to enable you to easily renew your membership.

We use the Helloasso payments system which accepts any bank card issued in the EU.

The Helloasso system adds a voluntary ‘tip’ called a ‘Pouboire’, at the page which summarises your payment.

If you do not wish to leave a tip, click ‘Modifier‘ and then click the feint box to the left of ‘Je ne souhaite pas laisser de pourboire‘. There is no obligation for you to add a tip.

Please have your bank card and mobile phone available. The number of the mobile phone must be the one registered against your bank account and will be used by your bank to verify your payment.

Your card details are not recorded in order to protect your privacy and security.

Please click here to renew your 2019 membership subscription online


Please post a cheque payable to ‘BBC‘ for 25€ to:

Sarah Peel
BBC Membership Secretary
24 rue des Arbousiers

My contact details are: or 06 74 71 80 37

On receipt of your renewal payment, you will continue to be a member of the BBC and take advantage of the benefits of your membership.

Best wishes,

Sarah Peel (BBC Membership Secretary)