Family Bike Ride from Lacaneau to Picnic at Le Moutchic : Wednesday 19th August 2015

Great fun family day, cycling, picnic, beach, swimming ………

bike1This was a great family event with 22 of us including 2 sets of grandparents, 3 sets of parents and 5 children, varying in age from 8 to 5.

The day was not as hot as of late so pleasant for cycling. We started promptly despite the odd hiccoughs like punctures, tantrums and losing the way!!! An advance party raced ahead and got to Le Moutchic in good time, the second group arrived safely and some stragglers missed the turn down to Le Moutchic off the main Lacanau Ocean cycle track. Much banter ensued about not sufficient briefing!!

Ultimately all were assembled for the picnic followed by young and old having a swim in the lake. Some of the young went on the bouncy castle and others complained that they did not!

Ben’s bit:

bike2(Eldest grandson of Chris and Deirdre) It was my first long bike ride on my new orange bike. I used all of my 21 gears and I was often at the front. We had lunch in Le Moutchic on the beach by the lake. After lunch some of us went for a swim in the lake. After we cycled back to the cars, some came back to Grandmère and Grandpère’s house for a swim and a cup of tea and éclairs.

Samantha and Iona:

bike3(Granddaughters of Chris and Deirdre) “The best part of the day was the swim in the lake!”

Report by the Rankin family, photos by Phil (Please ‘click’ here to view the photo album)




Original Invitation

There will be a bike ride for families from Lacanau Ville to the beach at Le Moutchic for a picnic on Wednesday 19th August at 10:45.

We will meet in Lacanau Ville at a car park which is about 50 meters from the cycle track. Norma C has kindly offered to take your picnics, by car, from the car park to the beach at Le Moutchic.


The ride to Le Moutchic will take approximately an hour depending on the length and strength of the legs!! Those who would like to stay on the beach and relax may do so but there are various alternatives for the more energetic who would like to do further cycling, either before or after the picnic. Maps will be provided.

We will meet at 10.45 with an aim to start the ride at 11 o’clock. To find the car park. Get to the roundabout in the centre of Lacanau Ville, do not take the bypass, and head for the Port and Lake. When you see the lake and have passed the Kalicoba Restaurant you will be directed to the right (a one way system).

Follow this road to the end where it will turn to the right and you will see the car park on the left. There are hoops over the entrance to keep out tall vehicles.