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A Novel Idea: The lamplighters – Emma Stonex

Zoom Meeting Time: 7pm Monday, 13th March

Suggested by Norma

Inspired by a haunting true story, Emma Stonex’s The Lamplighters is an atmospheric novel about the mysterious disappearance of three lighthouse keepers from a remote tower miles from the Cornish coast—and about the wives who were left behind.

In December of 1972, three men disappeared from a tower lighthouse off the English coast. When the relief team arrived, they found the door barred from the inside. Dishes were set out for two at the kitchen table. Both clocks had stopped at a quarter to nine. And there was absolutely no trace of a struggle—everything had been perfectly polished and cleaned. 

Twenty years have passed and the Maiden Rock Mystery remains unsolved. Numerous theories have been posited over the years, some grim but prosaic, others far more outlandish. 

Perhaps one man killed the others, then himself, as the Trident company has strongly suggested. Perhaps all three were seized by a suicidal impulse. Maybe a monster attacked, or the sea swept them all away. Some swear they’ve seen a trio of white birds hovering over the light, and believe the men were transformed by some supernatural power.

We always have interesting discussions about the historical setting of each book and its success in TV, Cinema etc. Feel free to join and listen even if you haven’t read the book. The zoom link will be sent out by Henley or her deputy on the day. 

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