Annual Charity Pig Roast and Family Fun Sports Day: 8th August 2015

A great fun day for all and 1000€ raised for charity!

pigThe annual fund-raising pig roast chez les Rankins got off to a drizzly start as the rain settled over our region for the weekend. That did nothing to deter the 80-odd crowd who turned up armed with tenting and umbrellas to ward off the rain.

Events started off with an aperitif served up by young Elliot whilst raffle tickets were sold for a prize draw later on. Then we settled down to bread and pâté, various salads (a big thank you to all those who helped in preparations) and of course Mr Pig, who had been going round and around on his spit since early morning, thanks to Master pig roaster Roland.

A break in the rain allowed Gary aided by Sarah to start some children’s games, including an egg and spoon race (with a golf ball), some limbo dancing and a skipping race. All participants were rewarded with sweets so we soon had our little darlings running even faster on a sugar-high. No wonder Léa said the best part of the day was the games!games

Not to be outdone the adults gallantly took up the challenge of the three- legged race, the winners of which, Carol and Colin, whizzed round the course like veritable greyhounds. They must have done many a three-legged pub crawl in their time to get THAT fast…

prpantsThen just as we thought it couldn’t get any better, Colette called out those immortal words « Does anyone want to get inside my knickers? When the dust settled from the ensuing stampede, all became clear (see picture!).

As the raffle was drawn, our president John proudly announced that we had raised an unprecedented amount for Médecins Sans Frontières – some 1000€! We were then treated to a beautiful French song, Michel Sardou’s ‘Je vole’, from one of the children, Marie, who had recently sung it on French TV no less! Despite the rain, the children then all dived into the swimming pool, which was actually warmer than standing out in the rain!

Well done everyone, especially the Rankin family, and see you next year (maybe with a little more sunshine?)

Report by Lorraine and Fabrice, Léa and Meven Photos by Phil (‘click’ here to see the photo album)

Original Invitation

As in previous years the Rankins are hosting their ever popular pig roast with the addition of a fun sports event for adults and children.  Funds raised will go to Médicines Sans Frontièrs.


Please bring your friends, family, children, grand-children and well controlled dogs for a fun day of sports, good food and relaxation.

The format will be much as in the past with food provided in the shape of paté, roast pork and trimmings, cheese and dessert. Please bring your own picnic table and chairs, parasols, eating and drinking equipment and whatever your favourite tipple of the moment is.

To start the proceedings there will be a courtesy apero for adults and soft drinks for children. The swimming pool will be available for use under strict parental control of any children. Please bring your own maillot de bain and towel.

The tickets are:

  • Adults: 18€,
  • Children aged 4 to 12 years: 9€
  • Children under 4: Free.
  • Families
    • Mum 0r Granny, Dad or Grandpa and 2 children under 12 – 45€
    • Mum or Granny, Dad or Grandpa and as many children as you can muster!! – 50€

Heard of “rent a child for an afternoon”!!?? Well, now is your chance to try the system!

The price will cover the cost of the food with any surplus monies going to Médicines Sans Frontièrs.

  • As this is the BBC’s primary fund raising event there will also be “a hat” passed around and a raffle during the afternoon for donations to MSF. Inscription cut off date is 30th July to allow time to order the pig. Please send cheques, made out to the BBC, at enrolment to  Deirdre.