2016 – Arts Exhibition and Visit to the Submarine Base

The Exhibition

base2aThe Base Sous-Marin now serves as a regular exhibition centre and is currently hosting a new exhibition ‘La Probabilité du Miracle’ by Gérard Rancinan and Caroline Gaudriault who take you on a unique journey combining art and culture, where reality merges with the unreal, where the words are mixed with the memory of the photograph and where the thought of Man is infinite.

The exhibition that mixes photographs, words, sounds, art-videos, an art movie, and art installations ‘that will not leave you unscathed‘.

Gérard Rancinan and Caroline Gaudriault offer a journey into an artistic universe where real and unreal confront each other.

1044271_1_1Their proposition asserts itself as the mirror of the memory of our society and its time. The dialogue established between Gérard Rancinan’s photography and the texts of Caroline Gaudriault is punctuated throughout the journey by some forty works transposing an epoch marked by fantasies, illusion, contradictions to the denial of reality and books.

They pose questions about our world and even more about the perception that we have.

Phil visited several years ago to see an impressive photographic exhibition, and was amazed how clever use of coloured lighting transformed the ‘satanic’ interior, reflecting off the surface of the flooded submarine pens. It is still eerie and a bizarre venue for an exhibition, but it works!

The Base Sous-Marin

From the outside the base is a massive, ugly, dirty concrete structure built by the Germans during the war. This gigantic bunker is organized in eleven pens or docks for submarines and protected by a massive bomb proof concrete roof. The complex covers an area of 43,000 m2 with 12,000 m2 open to the public and converted into an a cultural space managed by the city of Bordeaux.

Throughout the year, the Submarine Base hosts a multidisciplinary program: temporary exhibitions, concerts, opera, jazz, theatre performances and dance.

If you would like to know more about the construction and war-time history of the base, please click here


peniche-bordeauxBistro Regent la Peniche, at Quai Armand Lalande, Bassins a Flot No1 offers a five choice menu at 12.90€. It is unusual that it is on a ship, which affords great views of the Bassin and Submarine Pens.

Free parking on the adjacent Quai amidst many white vans, the area is undergoing major redevelopment !

The ship/restaurant is about a 5 minute walk north west along Rue Lucien Faure from the Bassins á Flot Tram stop (line B). (second traffic lights). I propose meeting at 1pm.

Please note there are 2 ship restaurants, plus other adjacent vessels. After lunch it will be best to drive the 1.3km circuit of the Bassin to reach the Submarine Base, I think we will have enough cars to carry any coming by foot.

Meeting Place and Car Parking for the Exhibition

We shall assemble at ‘La Base Sous-Marine’ at 2.45. The entrance to the base is off Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33300 BORDEAUX

There is ample free parking, public transport is not so easy !


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