BBC Walk and Talk Parc Bordelais, 14.30H Wednesday16th September

Sortie-découverte et marche avec Alain dans le Parc Bordelais (14.30h to 16.30h)

The Parc Bordelais is a 28-hectare public garden created for the city by landscape designer Eugène Buhler at the end of the 19th century thanks to a rich benefactor’s legacy. Il voulait que les Bordelais puissent “jouir de la campagne à la ville”. A number of the 3000 trees had to be replaced after the disastrous Dec 1998 storm. Dogs are allowed on leash.

Should it be closed because of weather conditions (this has happened…), we’ll discover Art-Deco Caudéran as we walk along to Eglise Saint-Amand in central Caudéran.

Meeting place and time: at ‘Barrière du Médoc’ D Tram stop between 14.00 and 14.30.

Other connecting bus lines at Barrière du Médoc: n° 5, 6, 9 (bus des boulevards), 29.

Tram D has “parcs relais” at the Eysines-Cantinolle terminal and the “Hippodrome” stop at Le Bouscat-Eysines (see HERE). Timetable also available on the net at “tbm tram D”


Register with Alain at or, please note down your cell-phone number on your e-mail in case of emergency on D-day, masks and distanciation are de rigueur, no limitation in number at the time of this announcement.