BBC Walk &Talk: Wednesday 29th Sept at La Sauve Majeure

Alain’s day of uplift in ENTRE DEUX MERS

Autumn will be underway! Maybe you are feeling like Daniel in the Lion’s Den (see Abbaye photo on the left, Daniel at La Sauve)? If so, come and have your spirit(s) buoyed up in Entre Deux Mers with a free visit-cum-dégustation at the Cave de Rauzan, lunch at La Maison next door and a visit to the scenic ruins of Abbaye de La Sauve Majeure.

The Cave de Rauzan is the largest “chai AOC” in France. They have been engaged for years in the “production à haute valeur environnementale”. The visit is guided by one of the vignerons and lasts 1.30 hr with dégustation. The restaurant-bar La Maison is next door, we can have coffee there before the visit.

After lunch, we’ll drive 17 km west to La Sauve Majeure. They do a guided tour (free) but it can be visited individually as well (entrance fee 6€). Have a look at their websites for more info.

WHEN & WHERE? The Cave visit will start at 10.50 so we can sit down to lunch around 12.30h and be at La Sauve around 15.00. Therefore, we will meet at La Maison between 10.15 and 10.45 for coffee. Free parking in front of the Cave or alongside La Maison next door. Menu price (25-30€ all-inclusive) and choices will be arranged with Alain. All payments are to be made individually on the spot.  Book early: passes and masks compulsory, no (COVID) limit to numbers as of time of this announcement.                                                               

You can attend just the lunch or the visits if you wish.


To book: Contact Alain via e-mail at or leave a message or call at

Make sure you indicate your choice of activities and leave your contact data with Alain. Make sure you have his number with you on D-Day in case of a problem.   

HOW TO GET TO RAUZAN – Rauzan is situated 32 km east of junction/sortie 24 of the Bx rocade (Bergerac direction). Follow D 936 (Branne, Castillon, Bergerac) for 26 km, take D 128 on your right to Guillac etc… & Rauzan.

Drive through Rauzan (narrow in places, follow Sauveterre signs), the Cave and restaurant are on your left, at 1 & 2 L’Eguilley. It is a slow, picturesque drive over hill and dale. 

If you drive down from Libourne, follow D 670 (Castillon, Bergerac, Sauveterre) for 6 km, right down D 670 at big roundabout after Les Bigarroux (radar in mid-village) then 14 km towards Sauveterre, Rauzan is on your right, the restaurant and cave are 500m further on your right.