Feel like a quiet get-together with a walk and talk that complies with the present Covid safety regulations?  Why not join one or more of a series of ‘Libres parcours’ / ‘Chosen walks’ and talks the Committee is planning. Walks are planned in three regions, explained below.

When, where and how?

  • Safety regulations in force at the time will be complied with
  • The maximum number of participants per walk is 10.
  • Limit of travel 100km
  • We shall all be wearing masks.
  • We’ll keep at a safe distance (at least 1 m all round) from one another during the walk.  
  • Coming (or not) will be your own choice and responsibility.
  • Advance registration with the organiser will be compulsory.

The walks will be organised on a local basis by Committee members.  Organisers’ advice: don’t leave it to the last minute and leave your phone number for contact in case of inclement weather.

Bordeaux-and-suburbs walks will be with Alain Mounolou. Please, contact him directly on (with answering machine) and at .

In and around Bordeaux this spring and summer: on Thursday from 14.15 to 15.45.  Meeting time: 14.00 to 14.15.  Starting point in Bordeaux will be next to a TBM bus/tram stop close to a car park or free parking space. So you needn’t use public transports for long rides at best or you can drive to the muster station (2 per car at present).

First “libre parcours”: Thursday, 28 May 2020 starting from the North Gate of Cathédrale St André (the one under the twin spires)in central Bordeaux at 14.15, tram A/B  ‘Hôtel de Ville’ stops, Parking St Christoly just behind the Cathedral, or Victoire, République and Victor Hugo within 5 minutes.   The cathedral, law courts, Mériadeck gardens. Dogs welcome.  We’ll share a cup of coffee in the open. Bring your mug/cup and biscuits.

If the safety regulations remain the same or are relaxed after the June 2 government announcements, the Bordeaux/suburb walks will take place every week in June and July… and beyond, as long as we aren’t back to normal.  Look out for the June newsletter for a complete monthly calendar.

Proposed  Bordeaux walks for June:

Thursday June 11: place des Quinconces café “Chez Jean” between the tram stops, carpark on the other side of the Quinconces, the Jardin Public and riverside.

Thursday June 18th: place Stalingrad A-tram stop, car park behind Megarama cinema 300m away.

Thursday June 25th Eglise de Talence “Forum” B-tram stop, car park behind cinema complex.




Tuesday 16th June a walk in the forest surrounding Biscarrosse.   A lovely walk in the forest that surrounds Biscarrosse Ville.  Meet up at 14hr 30 in the car park of Le Clerc Brico. (opposite the main LeClerc supermarket and next to the petrol station)  From there we can enter forest just at the back of the store and take a leisurely walk of approximately 5 kms zig zagging on the forest pathways.

Tuesday 23rd June details to be announced.

If you wish to join us please contact Norma on 07 81 62 30 57 or Registering beforehand is compulsory, a maximum of 10 people.




WALK AND PICNIC, AVENSAN, MEDOC AREA Thursday 11th June (time to announced subject to weather)

Come and join us for a walk and picnic in the Médoc, Avensan and discover there a complex of lakes. The lakes are in Bronturon between Moulis and Avensan.  Further along from the attraction called “CABLE PARC” where, very fit people in wetsuits come to enjoy water sports activities called “Jetski”, are another two small lakes in a figure of 8 which are ideal for a long walk for some or, a shorter walk for others the choice is yours.  Bring along your pooch as it’s great walk for dogs! The picnic area is in the trees, enjoying a lovely view of the fishing lake. Maximum of 10 people, respect social distancing, no hugs, kisses or handshakes and remember to wear your mask.   Hoping that the weather will be good to us.  If you would like to come along please contact Catherine and Brian Mason :