Brexit Update

Brexit Update

The problem with writing an update on the current Brexit situation and how it affects the British living in France is that the article is probably out of date as soon as it is finished because the situation is changing weekly if not daily! There are numerous announcements, opinions, interpretations and interviews with politicians on both sides of the La Manche.

One way to approach this is to look at the British and French government advice to British nationals who reside in France by referring to their respective dedicated Brexit websites which are hopefully(!) consistent and up to date.

British Government

The British government has a dedicated website ‘Official information for UK nationals moving to and living in France, including guidance on residency, healthcare and the Withdrawal Agreement’. The website includes information for those resident in France and those who wish to travel to France after the 31st December 2020 and is accessed here:

As an example, a topical item in the press is a discussion on the situation of British residents who have UK bank accounts registered to their address in France. The British government’s position is that there is nothing to stop British bank accounts registered in France from continuing but banks might individually decide to close the accounts of their french based customers. Whether the French government agree with this or not is a matter for another day!

There is a useful facility to subscribe to receive details of updates from the British government site on the changes as they occur here:

French Government

The french government has a dedicated website ‘Le Portail du Gouvernement sur la Preparation au Brexit – You are a British citizen?‘ here:

The Latest

Are these websites up to date? Hopefully yes but there may be a delay in updating after new announcements. For example the opening of the website for British nationals to apply for residency or update their current Carte de Sejour has apparently been delayed a second time until mid-October but is not noted in the French website..

Applying for Residency

As mentioned above the French government will launch a website to apply for residency and British residents must complete their applications before 1st July 2021. The pre-publicity about this website is that it is in english and will be straight forward to use. However it may prove daunting to some because of IT or other concerns as it affects their future in France.

The British Embassy in Paris is funding several organisations to set up a capability to provide free assistance to people who are struggling with the online process. We should hopefully hear more about this soon. However there maybe BBC members who would like assistance from within the BBC. Once the registration website is operational we will see what is involved and how we might help members through the process if required.

Summary of Websites and Links

British Government website:

Subscribe to receive updates to British Government website:

French Government website: