Visiting UK having had different COVID Vaccinations

The UK government has updated its travel rules for England to say that people arriving who have had doses of two different Covid vaccines are not considered fully vaccinated. It means they will not be able to skip quarantine if travelling from amber countries such as France.

The UK added the clarification to its website on August 10. This site applies to England; the other nations of the UK usually follow the same rules, but their travel information sites do not mention the rule today.

France, by contrast, considers a person fully vaccinated if they have had two doses of different vaccine types and it is not unusual in France for people to have been vaccinated with different Covid vaccine types. 

This is especially the case as the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine was initially offered to everyone before being limited to only those aged over 55.

It meant that some people in France got a first dose of AstraZeneca and a second dose of another vaccine, most commonly Pfizer-BioNTech. 

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