Vin Chaud, Steak and Tinsel: Bordeaux - Friday, 8th December at 19:00




Join in the festive spirit and come along with us for a visit to the Bordeaux Christmas market in Allées de Tourny on Friday, 8th December at 19:00 followed by dinner at “L’Entrecote” and enjoy one of their delicious steaks and, if you have room, an appetising dessert.

Have a wander around the Christmas market, packed with stalls. The Bordeaux Christmas market is a must see, an integral part of the magical atmosphere in the run up to Christmas !

The wooden chalets set up for the occasion make up a charming picture of a village where everything can be found: gifts, sweets, gourmet food, Christmas decorations for the home, candles, toys, fashion, accessories, designer jewellery, linen and crafts made by the local artisans.

Indulge in a little Christmas shopping. Or maybe just enjoy a glass or three of vin chaud and chat with friends!


Following our visit to the market we have arranged to eat dinner at the ever popular restaurant L‘Entrecote’ to enjoy a steak smothered with sa sauce fameuse.

The price is 19€ for steak, frites and salad. Desserts are 5,50€ to 6€. Red or rose house wine from local Château Thieuley is 16€ per bottle and coffee is 1,60€. L’Entrecote is very popular and never disappoints.

The Dessert à la carte list includes:

Le plateau de fromage, La coupe Côte d’or, L’ananas frais au masquarin, La coupe Jack, Les profiteroles au chocolat, Le semi-fredo au grand marnier, La coupe streza, Nos fruits melba, Le vacherin au chocolat, Les fruits rafraichis au kirsch, Le mont blanc, Nos tartes maison, Notre crème caramel, Nos glaces et sorbets, La surprise de la Jamaïque, Nos liégeois (café, chocolat, praliné), Le fondant au chocolat maison or La mousse au chocolat.

Location and Times

We meet at 7pm by the children’s carousel ride situated at the entrance to the Christmas Market at the Grand Theatre end of Allee de Tourny to then enjoy the market, followed by dinner at 8.30pm


If you would like to join us then please contact Norma B or Colette. Contact details for Norma and Colette are in the Membership Directory here

Alternatively please reserve online. Closing date is Friday 1st December.

When using the on-line booking form, please note the following:

  • Do not forget to press ‘Submit’
  • If you do not receive a confirmation from the organiser within 48 hours then your booking has not been recorded and we ask you to contact the organiser direct for your booking confirmation


Grand Christmas Party & Dinner - Friday 1st December at 7 pm

This year we are again returning to the stunning Château La Chèze in Floirac for our annual Christmas Party and Dinner.

The price for members is fantastic value at 45€ per person which is unchanged from last year. The price for member’s guests is 55€ per person. Very much an evening to suit everyone.  To enjoy good food and wine. To be calm or to be energetic. The choice is yours. Oh ……. and also to enjoy great company in a beautiful environment!

Your evening commences at 7pm with a glass or two of kir petillant and canapes – an opportunity to meet up with friends and to welcome new members.

Followed by a production by the drama group of ‘Murder on the Medoc Express’. This year’s production is definitely not for the squeamish !

The suspense is intense ! Shortlisted for BBC Oscars ! Will they run out of cast members before the shooting, stabbing, poisoning and occasional strangulation are complete ? Will Poiwot, Captain Wastings, Inspector Maigway and Miss Marbles discover who dun it ! Will it be a shambles ? (Editor’s comment: It usually is ! )

Once you have recovered your composure from the drama, dinner will be served.

Please order your choice of each of the three courses in advance.

After dinner there will be dancing to a selection of oldies and goodies and some up to date music into the wee hours of the morning.  All those memories will come flooding back! The energetic can enjoy a boogie; maybe a smooch or two for the romantically inclined and we may be sure that some of the old faithfuls (music that is!) will make an appearance.

Or if you are not feeling energetic, just sit and chat with friends and do not worry as the drinks from the ‘Night Bar’ will not run out!

Be calm and chat, relax or be energetic and dance. The choice is totally yours !

* Venue

Château La Chèze – 27 Avenue Pierre Semirot, 33270 FLOIRAC.

The château was built in the late 19th century on the grounds of a former small fortified castle by a wealthy market gardener. The art nouveau style mansion has been modernized to high standards whilst retaining many of the original charming features. The staff are helpful and friendly and create a great ambience for us to enjoy.

The restaurant is under new management and our food will be prepared and cooked by resident chef Jean-Baptiste Lévy and his team.

* Program for the Evening and Menu – fantastic value for only 45€ !
  • 7:00 – 7:30: Welcome Cocktail – Soupe Champenoise with ‘finger food accompaniments’
  • 7:30: Please take your seats for dinner
    • Murder on the Medoc Express‘ by the BBC Drama Group
    • Dinner choices:
      • Entrée (to be chosen in advance):
        • Foie gras mi-cuit maison et chutney de poires
        • OR Raviole de Homard à l’orientale
      • Main Course (to be chosen in advance):
        • Tronçon de Lotte, embeurrée de poireaux crème poivre pomelos
        • OR Pavé de noix de Veau, pommes darphin et sauce périgourdine
      • Desert (to be chosen in advance):
        • Coulant au Chocolat pépites au sésame
        • OR Gratin de Fruits exotique, sorbet à la passion
      • Wines and water
      • Coffee
    • After Dinner
      • Optional dancing
      • Optional chatting
      • Optional …..
  • ‘Night Bar’ – Crémant and wine ( Digestifs such as whisky and gin are available for purchase at the bar )

All for a BBC Member price of 45€ !!

* Dress Code

Completely optional. Come dressed to enjoy yourselves !

* Booking

If you require further information then please contact Avril whose contact details are here

Please book online here or book direct with Avril.

A cheque made payable to ‘Bordeaux British Community’ for 45€ per BBC member and 50€ per guest is required before the closing date of mid-November.

Please send your cheque to Avril whose address details are here  ( If you have forgotten your password to the BBC Membership Directory then please click here )

* Overnight Accommodation
  • Château La Chèze – 27 Avenue Pierre Semirot, 33270 FLOIRAC
    • The château has 14 rooms but all are now booked by BBC members for the party

There are are a number of good quality lower price local hotels available nearby.  Some of these hotels are listed below. Prices will increase as you get closer to Christmas, so book early!

  • Hôtel Formule Club – 5 Rue Condorcet, 33150 CENON
    • 2.3 km by car from Château La Chèze
    •  05 56 32 16 68
    • Several of our members have stayed at this hotel and reported good value for money.
  • Hôtel Altica – rue de la Gabarre, 33270 FLOIRAC
    • 3.4 kms by car from Château La Chèze
    • 05 57 97 70 70
  • Hôtel F1 – 50 rue Emile Henriot, Quai de la Souys, 33100 BORDEAUX-BASTIDE
  • Hôtel Kyriad – 1 Avenue de Paris 33310 LORMONT
    • 4 km by car from Château La Chèze
    • 08 92 23 48 13

* Taxis

taxiRecommend that you book your taxi in advance rather than waiting until you need it. When booking your taxi, please make sure that you have the château address to hand which is: Château la Chèze, 27 Avenue Pierre Semirot, 33270 FLOIRAC

  • The château reception will book your taxi but do not wait until the last minute !
  • Or use  Pages Jaune – In the first search box enter ‘taxi’. In the second box enter either Floirac 33270′ or ‘Cenon 33150’.  Click ‘Afficher Le No. to display a phone number.


Sammies meet Pope in Bordeaux: Bordeaux - Tuesday 28th November


The program for the day covers 900 years of history !

A day out in central Bordeaux with a visit to the cathedral St Andre and then lunch followed a free guided tour of the “Voilà les Américains” exhibition at Centre Jean Moulin. The three locations are easily accessible in central Bordeaux and are within 500 metres of each other.

Meeting place and time

Meet at 11:00 at the Club des Retraités MGEN, 35 cours Pasteur, Bordeaux which is where we had the Brexit meeting with the British Embassy official from Paris in September 2016).

The Club is opposite the Musée d’Aquitaine, next to Tram B (Pessac/Bacalan) Musée d’Aquitaine stop, one stop away from Tram A (Mérignac-Lormont) Hôtel de Ville stop at the cathedral St Andre. and 500m away from the Place de la Victoire bus/tram hub.

The Club is a convenient meeting place with seating and facilities.


After meeting up at the Club, Alain will take us around the cathedral St Andre for a guided visit. We will see some of the spectacular results from the major restoration works and get a more complete view of the inside than we had for the Compostella tour that we did 3 years ago.

The imposing and well restored royal entrance in the north wall of the nave epitomises 13th century French Gothic architecture.

Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII, the future king of France, were married there 1137, as were Anne of Austria and Louis XIII. The cathedral was used to store fodder during the French Revolution and suffered a devastating fire in the 19th century. A very varied history !!


Around 12.30 we lunch at Le Dragon Doré, 9 rue Paul Louis Landes (50m away from the Club).

It’s a small place run by a friendly Cambodian couple who cook fresh food daily as customers come in, so the food doesn’t stand for hours in warming-up containers.

There is a buffet-lunch for 14€ excluding drinks/coffee/tea. Please pay for your lunch at the restaurant.

Voilà les Américains !

After lunch at 14:30, we have a free guided visit around the 1917 – Voilà les Américains exhibition at the Centre National Jean Moulin which is opposite the cathedral spires on the corner of rue Vital Carles.

In April 1917, the USA sent an a large army to France comprising about two million soldiers at its peak. On 21st June 1917, Bordeaux became the headquarters of Base 2 for the Service of Supply responsible for the procurement, reception and organisation of the immense amount of supplies to support a large fighting army in Europe. American troops also arrived in large numbers at Brest and Saint Nazaire for onward transit to the front line.

The exhibition reveals the realities of the arrival and the installation of the Americans in Bordeaux and their associated logistics.

1917 was marked by the Russian Revolution, mutinies, the new military presence of the Americans in the conflict and the start of a hard fight to eventual victory by the Allies which was achieved in 1918. The exhibition shows the daily life of American troops as evoked through relationships with people (weddings, births, deaths), as well as problems of hygiene and health. The inherent diseases and accidents caused the establishment of proper health services.

The American soldiers were nicknamed Sammies after the iconic Uncle Sam and the presence of the Americans in the Gironde brought many influences including Jazz and also the YMCA (Young Man’s Christian Association) !

The exhibition is designed as part of the commemorations of the Centenary of the First World War, in partnership with the cities of Bassens, Lormont, Merignac, Carbon Blanc, the Metropolitan Archives and the Departmental Archives of the Gironde.


Please book online or book direct to Alain M ( contact details here ).

When using the online booking form, please note the following:

  • Do not forget to press ‘Submit’
  • If you do not receive a confirmation from Alain within 48 hours then your booking has not been recorded and we ask you to contact Alain direct for your booking confirmation

  • DIRECTIONS: Click the ‘Directions’ symbol and enter your home address or start point to get a detailed set of directions which can then be printed out and/or downloaded to your smartphone.
    • Specify public transport and where you want to start on the tram/bus and you will then see the route options for your journey together with arrival/departure times so that you can arrive on time.
  • ZOOM: Use the + and – symbols in the bottom left hand corner of the map to zoom in and out

Golf or 'Walk the Course' : Lacanau - Tuesday 21st November


As usual we will start with lunch at 12:00 for the ‘golfers’ and ‘walkers’.  The restaurant is near the golf course and details are being finalised.


The first depart is at 14:20 at:

Golf UCPA de La Méjanne, Route du  Baganais, 33680  Lacanau  Océan

Please click here

for a map

Or ……

As always non-players are welcome to join us for lunch and/or a beautiful walk around the course, (as long as they are not too critical of the players’ abilities!).


Please book online or direct with Brian – first come first served !

When using the on-line booking form, please note the following:

  • Do not forget to press ‘Submit’
  • If you do not receive a confirmation from the organiser within 48 hours then your booking has not been recorded and we ask you to contact the organiser direct for your booking confirmation

So British! Festival International du Film d'Histoire: Pessac 20th - 27th November

28th Festival International du Film d’Histoire

The event website is here

Details of the full program are here

The daily program and times are here

The Sud Ouest newspaper published a very comprehensive supplement on the event here  (To view the complete supplement, scroll down and also scroll left and right)

Prices and Payment

All the meetings and the history debates are free and can be attended by everyone.


For each passport bought, a free catalog is given.

    • Passport for 20 films (not person specific) : 20 x 2,80 € = 56 €

Per Film

      • Adult : 6,50 €
      • Students and under 18 years : 4,50 €
      • ‘5 film card’ (not person specific) : 5 films x 4,80€ = 24 €
      • School Pupils: 3 €

Payment by credit card is accepted.

It is also possible to automatically buy the tickets per unit at the entry of the theatre

It is highly advised to buy the tickets in advance from the box office and to arrive at least 15 minutes before the time of the session

The English/British Films

The website does not state if these films are showing as VO. (English dialogue with subtitles) or dubbed in french. This has been queried with the organisers who responded that ‘the vast majority of the english films are shown in VO with french subtitles’

Organisers contact details are:

Aigle des mers de Michael Curtiz (1940) – 1h48
Alerte aux Indes de Zoltan Korda (1938) – 1h44
Anne des mille jours de Charles Jarrott (1970) – 2h26
Another country : Histoire d’une trahison de Marek Kanievska (1984) – 1h30
Au nom du père de Jim Sheridan (1993) – 2h07
Les Aventures de Robin des Bois de Michael Curtiz (1938) – 1h45
Barry Lyndon de Stanley Kubrick (1975) – 3h07
Bloody Sunday de Paul Greengrass (2001) – 1h47
Braveheart de Mel Gibson (1995) – 2h45
Capitaine Blood de Michael Curtiz (1935) – 1h59
Capitaine sans peur de Raoul Walsh (1951) – 1h45
Ceux qui servent en mer de Noël Coward et David Lean (1942) – 1h58
Chagos ou la mémoire des îles de Michel Daëron (2011) – 1h30
Churchill, un géant dans le siècle de David Korn-Brzoza (2013) – 1h31
La Colline des hommes perdus de Sidney Lumet (1965) – 2h03
Comment j’ai gagné la guerre de Richard Lester (1967) – 1h50
Comrades de Bill Douglas (1987) – 3h02
Cromwell de Ken Hugues (1969) – 2h15
La Dame de fer de Phyllida Lloyd (2011) – 1h44
La Dame de Windsor de John Madden (1997) – 1h43
Le Discours d’un roi de Tom Hooper (2010) – 1h58
L’Esprit de 45 de Ken Loach (2013) – 1h34
L’Exilé de Max Ophuls (1947) – 1h30
Falstaff d’Orson Welles (1965) – 1h55
La Folie du Roi George de Nicholas Hytner (1995) – 1h45
Les Griffes du lion de Richard Attenborough (1972) – 2h37
Henry V de Kenneth Branagh (1990) – 2h18
Henry V de Laurence Olivier (1944) – 2h15
Un Homme pour l’éternité de Fred Zinnemann (1966) – 2h
Ipcress, danger immédiat de Sidney J. Furie (1965) – 1h49
James Bond 007 contre Dr No de Terence Young (1962) – 1h51
Khartoum de Basil Dearden (1966) – 2h14
Lady Hamilton d’Alexander Korda (1941) – 2h05
Leo the Last de John Boorman (1970) – 1h44
Le Lion en hiver d’Anthony Harvey (1969) – 2h15
Mais qui a tué Maggie ? les derniers jours de Margaret Thatcher de William Karel (2009) – 1h22
Marie Stuart de Charles Jarrott (1971)  – 2h08
Master and Commander, de l’autre côté du monde de Peter Weir (2003) – 2h14
Meurtre dans un jardin anglais de Peter Greenaway (1983) – 1h50
Of Time and the City de Terence Davies (2008) – 1h14
Oliver Twist de David Lean (1948 – 1h56)
Passeport pour Pimlico d’Henry Cornelius (1949) – 1h24
Le Pont de la rivière Kwaï de David Lean (1957) – 2h41
Un Pont trop loin de Richard Attenborough (1977) – 2h55
Le Prix d’un homme de Lindsay Anderson (1963) – 2h02
Raining stones de Ken Loach (1993) – 1h30
Les Révoltés du Bounty de Frank Lloyd (1935) – 2h12
Les Révoltés du Bounty de Lewis Milestone et Carol Reed (1962) – 2h58
Robin des Bois d’Allan Dwan (1922) – 2h07
La Route des Indes de David Lean (1984) – 2h45
Samedi soir et dimanche matin de Karel Reisz (1960) – 1h29
Scum d’Alan Clarke (1979) – 1h38
Secret défense de Ken Loach (1990) – 1h47
Les Suffragettes de Sarah Gavron (2015) – 1h46
The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones – it’s not only rock’n’roll de Christiane Ratiney et Michaël Prazan (2015) – 0h52
The Navigators de Ken Loach (2001) – 1h36
The Queen de Stephen Frears (2008) – 1h39
Trainspotting de Danny Boyle (1996) – 1h33
Les Trois lanciers du Bengale d’Henry Hathaway (1935) – 1h50
Les Turbans rouges de Ken Annakin (1967) – 1h55
Le Vent se lève de Ken Loach (2006) – 2h04
Vera Drake de Mike Leigh (2004) – 2h05
Les Vestiges du jour de James Ivory (1993) – 2h14
La Vie privée d’Elisabeth d’Angleterre de Michael Curtiz (1939)  – 1h46
La Vie privée d’Henry VIII d’Alexander Korda (1933)  – 1h36
Les Virtuoses de Mark Herman (1997) – 1h47
Winstanley de Kevin Bronlow et Andrew Mollo (1975) – 1h35

Horse Racing at Le Bouscat Hippodrome : Tuesday 14th November

And the’re off! No, not a Brian Rix farce but a day at the races! Come and join us at Le Bouscat Hippodrome for lunch and a flutter.

The racecourse of Bordeaux le Bouscat hosts 31 meetings a year (over 230 races) including 20 nationals

Meet for Lunch

Meet for lunch at 12:00 in the highly acclaimed panoramic restaurant, La Table de l’Hippodrome, and enjoy a three course menus (either 25€ or 30€ excluding wine) whilst also enjoying an exceptional view of the course and the racing.

The Racing

After lunch we can go onto the terrace to continue following the racing and behind the stand is the paddock where you can check out the form of the horses before having a flutter. This particular event is a trot where the jockeys sit on a chariot behind the horse and the horses race at a fast trot. This is very peculiar to France, rarely seen at British meetings, so should be interesting for the uninitiated.


Access and Directions

Access to the Hippodrome is just of the Rocade junction 7. There is ample free parking and entry into the stadium is free. There are open and covered terraces as well as bookie facilities for those wishing to bet.


Please book online or book direct to Charles W ( contact details here ).

When using the online booking form, please note the following:

  • Do not forget to press ‘Submit’
  • If you do not receive a confirmation from Charles within 48 hours then your booking has not been recorded and we ask you to contact Charles direct for your booking confirmation

Map and Directions


'Medoc Meanderers' walk in the Medoc: Margaux - Wednesday 8th November

Medoc Meanderers

The Medoc Meanderers are a walking group based in the Medoc and formerly co-ordinated by our good friend Piet who sadly passed away earlier this year.

When and Where

The walk is on Wednesday 8th November starting at 10:30 from the car park at the Salle des Fêtes in Margaux.

About 6/7 km and mainly the route is not muddy.  For part of the walk, should it rain or have rained there’s an alternative way back to Margaux.


For those who would like to join a bring-your-own picnic you will be very welcome to come back to the organisers kitchen whose house is very near to the parking area.


Open to everyone. If you would like to register and receive more details then please complete the online booking form

Reminder: L'Atelier des Chefs - Cooking Workshop: Bordeaux - Thursday 26th October at 12:15

Involves a short introductory course by the chef, in french, of preparing and cooking one main course which will be a spicy Indian dish of Green Curried Prawns with Chinese Cabbage, Lime and Fresh Herbs.

A demonstration is given and all the techniques are explained by the chef.  After which you prepare and cook the dish and then eat it in the adjacent dining area. The ingredients are all provided and included in the 17€ fee which also includes a desert.

The workshop is at L’Atelier des Chefs which has eight establishments in major cities across France. Workshops are available for many different types of cooking and cater (excuse the pun!) for all levels of skill.


When and where

When: Thursday, 26th October 2017 starting at 12:15

Where: 25, rue Judaïque, 33000 BORDEAUX


The price of the workshop is 17€ per person which covers a demonstration by the chef together with the ingredients to cook a main course.  You prepare and cook the main course and then you eat it !!

Desert is included. Wine etc is extra

Please book online or direct with Sarah K. Contact details for Sarah are in the Membership Directory here

When using the on-line booking form, please note the following:

  • Do not forget to press ‘Submit’
  • If you do not receive a confirmation from the organiser within 48 hours then your booking has not been recorded and we ask you to contact the organiser direct for your booking confirmation

Tauzia Fete les Jardins

20, 21 & 22 OCTOBRE – EDITION AUTOMNE 2017

After the success of the first two editions of the festival Tauzia Gardens in Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017, the Association of Friends of Tauzia have organised the third edition on Friday 20th, until Sunday 22nd October.

Come and meet over 80 exhibitors specialists of the plant world: nurserymen, gardeners, craftsmen, artists and exceptional artists.

You will have the opportunity to buy plants, flowers and shrubs in the privileged setting of an english park at Le Château de Tauzia

You can also get tips to keep your garden and follow short nature classes and informative on specific themes.


Château de Tauzia
216 Cours du Général de Gaulle
33170 Gradignan

Tel: 05 09 08 08 08


World War I 'Sammies' (US Soldiers) in the Gironde: Bordeaux - Friday, 13 October at 14:00

You may be aware that 2017 marks the centennial of the arrival of US soldiers, or Sammies, in France during World War I.  The Gironde and Bordeaux in particular was the primary logistics station for the US military during this period.

In memory of this historic time, the Bordeaux Women’s Club will be organizing two events this season.  In a show of friendship between our English-speaking associations, the BWC would like to invite BBC members to attend these two events.

First event – ‘Sammies in Gironde’ – Friday, 13 October at 14:00

A talk by Yves Castex in French with a translator translating into into English

There will be no cost.


Athenée Municiaple
Place St Christoly

BBC members planning to attend MUST register via this link gd2oT2YrafHP0VD92

There are 40 places available and priority will be given to Bordeaux Women’s Club members, but the BWC think there will be room for everyone.

Second event – Boat trip to key points on the Gironde Estuary

Mr Yves Castex will lead us along the Gironde on a hired boar and we will stop at the various key points along the estuary where the Sammies were stationed.

There will be a fee for this event.  More information will follow.


There is a parallel exhibition at the Centre Jean Moulin entitled ‘1917 : voilà les Américains! ‘ running until Sunday 7th January 2018. Full details are: here