Activities Week in the Gers : 4th June until 11th June

relaxFor the last two years, we have had an activities week in the Gers, which has been organized by Ted and Jenny. Having organized it twice already, with all the difficulties that entails, they have decided to step down for this year. In the absence of a ready alternative volunteer, we are hoping, for simplicity, to revisit the same site, which is ideal and available for the first week of June.

‘Les Tournesols’ is an excellent rural location 6 minutes from the lovely market town of Eauze. The accommodation consists of small independent chalets with double bedroom, kitchen/diner and shower room. The site includes a heated swimming pool and there is a lake and it is adjacent to a golf course.

Each day we would either go on walks (which are gentle) or visit places of interest and villages around. In the evenings we often get together for a meal and drink and there are plenty of places to eat in the area. Lunches are usually picnics on a walk or you may decide to just do your own thing.

The cost will be in the same order as last year (about 41 euro per day per couple) and it is possible for anyone to stay for just half the week if they wish.

If you are interested, please contact John, our President, as soon as possible so that he can make provisional arrangements with the chalet owners. John’s contact details are in the Members Area here


Golf at Cameyrac : Tuesday 12th April

golfThe golf club is situated just off the Route Nationale 89, exit 5 direction St Sulpice Cameyrac on the D3.

We have booked lunch there at 12:45 and three tee off times from 2.30pm. Green fees are 33€ per round for 10 players plus, otherwise 42€. 9 holes are possible, but for this buggy hire is also necessary.

We look forward to a good turnout for this first meeting of 2016, and would be delighted to welcome any friends of members for lunch and/or golf. Please let me know by Saturday April 9th.


Please either book direct with Phil or online by Saturday April 9th. (Phil’s contact details are in the membership directory here )

When using the on-line booking form, please note the following:

  • Do not forget to press ‘Submit’
  • If you do not receive a confirmation from Phil within 48 hours then your booking has not been recorded and we ask you to contact Phil direct for your booking confirmation.

Golf at Lacanau : Wednesday 21st October


By popular demand, and as a result of conflict with a competition at Lacanau, we switched venue. We were blessed with perfect weather but alas, only five players made it to this outing.

Lunch at the clubhouse was most enjoyable and was followed by a gentle nine holes on this lovely riverside course. As usual the play was followed by a debriefing of the play, taking ale on the sunny terrace of the club bistro.

Report by Brian M (also the organiser)

Golf at Gujan-Mestras : Thursday 10th September


After a well-earned peak season break, the new BBC head coach for golf, Brian, on special leave, it was rumoured, from management of his goat farm, and following his appointment for an undisclosed fee in 2014, was present at Gujan Mestras to put the BBC Ryder Cup candidates through their paces.

The business of the day commenced sitting down to a club-house lunch when Ted, the resident BBC toastmaster general, reminded us we were momentarily missing the joyous company of a number of good friends. Surprised or relieved by the lack of any narrative to accompany Ted’s thoughtful and spontaneous initiative, we immediately and very happily raised our glasses to Desmond’s, Lucinda’s and Roger’s continued good healths, long lives and happiness, and hoped that, in 2016, we and other BBC members will have the pleasure of their Aquitaineous company again soon.

A result of top level BBC management planning, two designated groups of players : team ‘A’ (David) and team ‘B’ (John) eventually teed off at 1.50pm and 2.20pm respectively.

With the loss of only one ball, and a fair sprinkling of par 4’s, on this clement and sunny afternoon, the two groups successfully completed two full nine holes by 5.00pm, before retiring to the terrace at the interestingly located 19th hole where at last they were able to remedy any possible slight dryness in the throat and were able to swap stories about the size of the one that got away and to congratulate Ted who, it might have been assumed, was born in a golf buggy, for his masterly display and incident-free afternoon behind the wheel.

Report by Anthony D

Golf - Pessac


To coin a footballing reporters mishap phrase ‘ the game was made up of two halves ‘. This is because we had a morning group of players and a different afternoon group. The Morning session: Brian H, Ted G and Anthony A played the 9 hole course, with Jenny G, Caroline A and Lorraine H walking the course and ball finding.

We were playing Texas Scramble (for non golfers you will need to Google the word ). From the 7th tee Anthony’s ball was in the best position lying amongst some trees. Best position you may ask ? The other two had driven into the depths of some watery pond. Anthony hacked the ball out with a low punch shot that avoided any trees, but only travelled about 50 yards. Brain then took his shot from exactly the same spot and with a mighty swing smacked the ball into a nearby tree. The ball ricocheted backwards towards the startled onlookers, hit one golf bag, then another golf bag, before resting 5 yards behind him. From henceforth he shall be known as Brian HOWZAT!

It was then Ted’s turn and with a mighty swing, he smashed his ball against the same tree, and this time the ball ricocheted onto another tree, before resting 5 yards back from whence he started. From henceforth he shall be known as TEDDY TWO TREES! All players and onlookers were bent double with laughter, Teddy Two Trees so double, that Jenny became quite concerned thinking that her hubby has sustained a serious injury. All it was that he was laughing so much, he could not straighten himself.

Lunch: we were joined by Brian and Tony M, so 12 of us sat down to a very fulfilling meal. Desmond H was one of the 12, as he was playing in the afternoon. Desmond has a slight phobia about losing his car keys (his words, not mine). He always wraps his car keys in a handkerchief and puts them in the side pocket of his golf bag; fearing that if he puts them in his trouser pocket, he would lose them somewhere on the course. Last year at Pessac, he was on the 8th green and was just eyeing up a putt, when out of the corner of his eye, he noticed his golf trolley with bag careering down the slope and heading towards a large pond. Quick as a flash, he chased after it, but although he is not a slouch, his efforts were in vain as his trolley and golf bag plunged with a big ‘splash ‘ into a pond and disappeared under the water. He shouted ‘ Oh no. My car keys ‘. Jenny G. was beside herself with laughter until she realised the enormity of the situation and quickly came to his aide, to retrieve the said trolley and golf bag. There was rather an anxious wait as Desmond checked the side pocket, and there amongst a rather wet and soggy handkerchief, were his car keys. The relief on Desmond’s face said it all. And so it was with slight intrepidation that Desmond took to the course this year.

The afternoon session was split into two groups: .

Group A : Brian HOWZAT , Desmond H and Anthony A playing the first 9 holes of the 18 course.

Group B : Bjarne Christiansen, Phil Christal and John Basgallop playing the 9 hole course. .

Golf is not just about playing golf, but it is also the comradeship that builds up over the years. So as Group A set off up the first, Desmond recounts the tale to Brian HOWZAT of what happened to him around the 8th green last year, as this was the first time they had met. Having all finished our putting on the first green, Desmond suddenly announced ‘where is my golf bag?’. We three looked around and it had completely vanished.  Instinctively Desmond hurried to a nearby pond and there, half submerged, was his trolley and golf bag. Manfully Brian helped him to retrieve it from the watery depths. Several golf balls and tees had floated away, but luckily his car keys were still in the side pocket. The parable of the Pigs/Swine comes to mind andso henceforth he shall be known as DEMON Desmond.

As things happen in three’s, the question you might be asking yourself, will he play at Pessac next year ? The answer is probably not, as he has sold his house near Blaye and will be moving to Cornwall at the beginning of July. DEMON Desmond will be sadly missed being one of the BBC’s better golfers. The distance he can hit a golf ball from the tee is quite incredible and it can take some BBC golfers two/three shots to equal his yardage. We wish him well.

Special mention should go to two people: John for organising it all and Lorraine for walking the course in the morning. It was the first time she had ever been on a golf course and we had to explain the rules and terminology. However she really enjoyed it and wrote to say she definitely would like to do it again as ‘she hasn’t had such a good laugh in years ‘.

Report by Anthony A, Photos by Brian M, Brian Hand Phil C


(Golf Blue Green Pessac is a traditional course just outside of the Rocade and close to the Airport. It is possible to play 9 holes (and there is a 9 hole course) or 18. Normally we can play 9 holes before lunch and 9 after lunch.

Unfortunately, there is a competition taking place on this day and it will not be possible to play the morning 9 holes on the 18 hole course but this should not prove a problem because the 9 hole and 18 hole courses are of the same standard.

Green fees however, are higher than Cameyrac at 55€ for 18 holes or 39€ for 9 but there is a 15% discount if there are 11 players.

Restaurant_golf_PessacLunch is always very good and will cost 22€ for three course and wine. Even if you do not play golf , please join us for lunch and/or stroll around the course.)





Golf - Cameyrac

golfCameyrac is a very pleasant course a few Kilometers to the east of Bordeaux and is signposted from junction 5 of the A89 autoroute to Libourne.

It is an interesting course because unusually the 9th green is nowhere near the clubhouse so you can only sign up for 18 holes although you can stop playing at any point and walk back to the clubhouse. Unfortunately this means that you either play your whole round of golf in the morning, or in the afternoon; you cannot have a break for lunch midway round.

For our purposes, it means that we will start with lunch at 12.30 and then play golf from 14.30.  Non-golfers, why not join us for lunch and/or walk the course?

Lunch is always very good value at this course, as is the cost of green fees which will be either 42€ or 33€ if there are 10 players.

Golfers, groupies and those just having lunch are all welcome and you should sign up with your President now, although payment will not be needed until the day.



Spring Golf Update


When advertising a BBC event, we now want to grab your attention and imagination so that you are tempted to join us. In the spirit of this new policy, I would like to say that golf is a wonderful activity which not only challenges your physical and mental abilities but also provides you with gentle exercise in a very pleasant outdoor setting, often with great company.

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, OK! WE KNOW ALL THAT! But when is it on and where?

The BBC season has already started with our first outing at Margaux on 8 April.

  • The second event at Cameyrac on Tuesday 19th May.  Click here for more information
  • The third at Pessac on Tuesday 16th June. Click here for more information
  • There will then be a short break and we will start again in September.

You are welcome to join us to play and/or enjoy  lunch and/or to just walk round offering support and advice but if you haven’t played before I suggest you have some lessons and then you can show us how to play properly.

For further information please contact John B.

Golf at Margaux

We are commencing our golfing season at this well known riverside course at the Relais de Margaux (Golf and Spa).  I have booked for a minimum of 10 players. Starting at 9am and another 9 holes, starting 2.30 after lunch which will be at the restaurant in the club house. The green fee will be 40€ for 18 or 25€ for 9 holes.  Any existing, new or potential BBC members are welcome to play 9 or 18 holes, or to walk with us and help find my balls, and/or join us for lunch.

Meet in the car park next to the golf shop where you need to pay prior to playing. Margaux golf course at address :

Relais de Margaux, 5 Route de l’Ile Vincent, 33460 Margaux

Green Fees:

9 holes: 25€, 18 holes: 40€

Optional Lunch:

If you are not a golfer, join us for a good lunch and maybe walk the course afterwards (or maybe not!)


Lunch & Golf – Gujan Mestras

Alas, a number of our regular golfers were unable to make this meeting, and a number who made it to the lunch were ‘hors de combat’ – we are all getting older, and leg, foot and back injuries reduced our players further! Additionally the ‘buggies’ which some injured players had been relying on were forbidden, as the previous day had been so wet, that is until the negotiating skills of Brian M came into force!

Eight of us enjoyed an excellent, and very sociable lunch in the clubhouse, to which we welcomed new member and new Gujan-Mestras resident – Danny A. Thus fortified, a select few of us ventured onto the golf course. Thankfully the threatened drizzle kept away until we were safely back in the bar (the 10th hole as we only played 9)! It may have been the liquid refreshment at lunch, but neither Phil nor Brian played their best golf, but we did avoid hitting balls into the beautiful, but somewhat intimidating lake.

We do wish our 4 injured golfers, including a past as well as our current President, a speedy recovery, and hope that we can return to full strength at the start of our 2015 season.

Report Phil C

Golf at Lacanau


Our golf season recommences this month after the high summer recess:

We have a lunch reservation at 12.00 for a single table at the restaurant La kalicoba 98 Avenue du lac 33680 , we lunched there in 2012, price still remains very reasonable at 12-13€.  The first depart is at 14;30 at Golf UCPA, route Atlantic 33680, the nine hole hilly course. We have reserved four departs, the last at 1500hrs – so max 16 players!

As always could all interested let me know – first come first served.  Also as always non players are welcome to join us for lunch and/or a beautiful walk around the course, (as long as they are not too critical of the players’ abilities!).  Please register with Brian.