Burns Night 2019

Burns Night at 19h00 on Saturday 26th January in Salle Gérard Philipe in Martignas

This is possibly the most popular event in the BBC calendar and it is extra special this year !


It’s that time when we celebrate the life of the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns and the BBC always celebrates in the best possible style !
Some would say he was the greatest Scottish poet ever to have lived, and measured by the number of parties held around the world every year to celebrate his anniversary, that could be true. However, it may also have something to do with the whisky, which always flows freely and helps to drown the ‘Haggis Beasty’ !


Our Burns Night will have the traditional menu will of smoked salmon, haggis, neeps, tatties and fruit tart together with wine and whisky at the inclusive price of 20€ for adults and 10€ for children. Entertainment will include the pipes, some Burns recitation and the traditional ‘Address to the Haggis’ ( together with its stabbing! ) followed by optional dancing for all.

Every year Burns Night is a BBC favourite but there are disappointments as it is always overbooked due to space limitations. Problem solved this year as we are delighted to be invited to join forces with the Martingas Jumellage Association. We have no space restrictions this year and the event will take place in the excellent events room in Martignas.

Martingas Jumellage

Martingas are twinned with Aboyne which is a historic village on the edge of the Highlands in Aberdeenshire, on the River Dee, midway between the Cairngorms National Park and Aberdeen.


Salle Gérard Philipe, 14 Avenue de Verdun, 33127 MARTIGNAS-SUR-JALLE ( map )


The menu will be as follows :

Aperitif : Punch

Starter: Smoked salmon, salad, slice of lemon and vinaigrette

Main course : Haggis, fresh mashed tatties and mashed neaps

Dessert: Apple and fruit tart


Whisky, water and wine will be available.

Booking – Online

Booking deadline: Monday 7th January 2019.

20€ for adults and 10€ for children

The BBC uses the Helloasso online payments system.

The Helloasso system adds a voluntary ‘tip’ called a ‘Pourboire’, at the page which summarises your payment.  If you do not wish to leave a tip, click ‘Modifier‘ and then click the feint box to the left of ‘Je ne souhaite pas laisser de pourboire‘. There is no obligation for you to add a tip.

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Please note that the person making the booking must be recorded as a current member of the Association Bordeaux British Community

To pay online, please click here

Booking – Pay by Cheque

Booking deadline: Monday 7th January 2019.

Please post a cheque payable to BBC for 20€ per adult and 10€ per child to Cathy whose contact details are here

Scottish Country Dancing

The BBC now has a Scottish Country Dancing Group. For those who have not tried or seen Scottish Country Dancing in action, it is highly sociable and the dances are generally energetic. You start with a partner and you will know that you have grasped the steps when you at least finish with the same partner!

It is dance for all ages and is taught in many schools in Scotland.


The group meets once a month from October 2017 to March 2018 on a Thursday evening from 7.0 pm to 9.30 pm in Labarde.

The next date is:

  • Thursday 8th March 2018


The group will practice in Labarde and the Mairie de Labarde have kindly agreed to make available a room free of charge for the BBC to use.

Labarde is in the Medoc roughly 30 minutes north from the centre of Bordeaux by car. For those without transport there is the possibility of a tram to Blanquefort from where a pickup can be arranged.

How much?

We have a professional animatrice in the person of Marilyn Simon.

To cover teaching costs there is a charge of 15€ for three sessions payable in advance to the BBC for three sessions payable in advance to the BBC by 1st January 2018.  10€ to cover the February and March sessions.

Cheques should be made payable to BBC

How to Join

We now have more than the minimum of 16 participants in order to start the group but more will be made very welcome.  So if you want to come along or need more information please contact Pamela Prior. Pamela’s contact details may be found in the Membership Directory here

Alternatively please book online:

When using the on-line booking form, please note the following:

  • Do not forget to press ‘Submit’
  • If you do not receive a confirmation from the organiser within 48 hours then your booking has not been recorded and we ask you to contact the organiser direct for your booking confirmation