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Event Reports

Event report – Mediterranean Diet

Many thanks go to our resident nutritionist, author and Bordeaux British member, Richard Hoffman, for the excellent and very informative talk he gave to over 20 health-conscious members on Saturday 10th September.

Richard dispensed so much information and sound advice that even the most skeptic amongst us took great heed! Especially when we were told that our life expectancy could be enhanced by many years if we indeed did follow the Mediterranean way of eating!

Also, we were all very pleased to hear that, in the words of our very own expert, Richard, it is OK to drink a couple of glasses of red wine with our meals, although he did not specify the size of the wine glass!

To accompany the lunch, Richard and his wife Marella, prepared some lovely tasting dips (hummus, walnut tarator and bean purée) and equally tasty apple and date truffles for the dessert.

After lunch and once we found the appropriate music from her home country, Marella entertained us with some energetic Irish dancing.

Last but not least, our warmest thanks go to Catherine and Brian, our hosts for the day, for their generous welcome and hard work in transforming the garage into an auditorium and preparing the large amounts of healthy food for lunch.

If you would like to know more about the Mediterranean way of eating, Richard’s book “More Healthy Years” is available from Amazon.

Ian Birss – Association Newsletter Editor

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Event Report – Estuary Boat Trip and Lunch

On Friday 16th September, the BBC fleet of one boat, The Boheme IV, gallantly set sail from Port Medoc to avert the incoming tide which threated to overrun the Gironde Estuary.

Led by Admiral Horatio Ian Birss (alleged descendent of the notorious Captain Pugwash) from the front (seat) his matelots willingly followed him into the raging sea after they had all downed a fulsome lunch and been pressed the King’s shilling.

This latest foray by the British Bordeaux Community concluded in a successful trip to the Cordouan Lighthouse and a coastal cruise along the sandbanks and wonderful beaches from Saint Palais to Royan and on to the famous troglodyte caves of Meschers.

Admiral Birss was very satisfied with his mission and his loyal matelots raised him 3 hearty cheers before rushing to the rum grog for replenishment as soon as they landed.

This was a superb outing enjoyed by 30 BBCers, blessed by good weather, an excellent restaurant and 1st class cruise boat and voyage.

Thank you, Ian, for your outstanding organisation.

Graham White – Association Committee Member

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Event report – Pamper Afternoon with Joanne

The event was hosted by Susan on the 27th September in Saint Aubin de Medoc and 6 BBC lady members had booked for a much-needed pampering afternoon.

We all brought delicious dishes to share for lunch prior to the session. To our delight, the dining table had already been prepared with a multitude of cosmetic products to test.

Joanne gave us advice during a well organised fun demonstration, and we all loved it. 

It didn’t really make us look younger but there is no harm trying!

Further Pamper Days will be organised in the near futur.

Catherine Mason – Association Treasurer

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