Christmas Market & Dinner – 7pm Friday 3rd December

We hope that that this year you will join us to have a wander around Bordeaux’s festive Christmas market.  The stalls are full interesting items and it is a great opportunity to indulge in some Christmas shopping.

After the market we have arranged to eat at L‘Entrecote’ to indulge in a tender steak, smothered in their famous delicious sauce.  The steak here is very good and never disappoints.  The menu is Green Salad with walnuts; Steak with their famous sauce and chips 20 euros; desserts 6 – 6,50 euros, coffee 1,60 and wine 27 euros a bottle.

The meeting place to join together and enjoy a glass of vin chaude at one of the stalls is by the carousal across from the Opera House on Allée de Tourny at 7pm, before heading to the restaurant.  If you wish to browse the stalls then we recommend you do so beforehand as they close at 8pm. 

If you wish to participate please contact Colette Gibson

telephone 0682108449.