Climate Change – The Need For A Debate, by Zoom, on Monday, 22nd March at 19h

Join us on Zoom, when we will have as our guest speaker Ian Cunningham BSc, PhD.

Following on from last November’s, well attended, Zoom on A Plastic Free World, we address another aspect of the environmental issues facing the world today

This time, Ian will be asking the question “Are we really in a climate emergency?” What is the Evidence? This fantastic insight into climate behaviour and data gathering over the years, will leave you asking more questions and questioning the information that you hear from politicians and read/hear about in the press and media.

Ian is not an expert on the subject, but he has retained a keen interest in science, how it is conducted and how it is reported.

This is of course very topical with the UK hosting the Climate Change Conference later this year.  Please join us in numbers to show Ian how important this subject is to the BBC.

You can register to receive your Zoom link by emailing Gary on

You will receive the Zoom link in the days before the event.