Cooking Workshop : Chartrons / Bordeaux – 3 February 2015


On a beautiful late afternoon, eleven members met at ‘Cook & Go’ at Hangar 18 on Quai des Marques, not knowing what to expect from this Cooking workshop. Maybe we would be learning new ways to make “nibbles” to go with aperos!

Our first impression of this lovely small shop was great – very modern equipment such as knives, mandolins etc, together with very exciting salts, chutneys, pates and so on all for sale and this leading into a large open plan training area. We were met by our very charming tutor, a young french lady named Julie.

Donning our plastic aprons and being asked to wash our hands, we gathered around our work stations, where it was obvious we were going to be making a lot more than “nibbles”. Our first task was to make Salmon Tartare. Having given us a demonstration on how to cut into macedonia, salmon, red pepper, zucchini and shallots (I realised I had been cutting shallots incorrectly for 50 odd years!!!) silence fell, as working in pairs, we concentrated on cutting these tiny morsels and adding all the other ingredients, we eventually made the best tartare I had ever tasted! By now, we were all really happy to continue preparing Asian flavour broth with prawns, Samosa Basque -with a lesson on how to fill and fold the pastry – Chicken ballottine with spinach sauce and Mushroom Rissotto with Brian having volunteered to stir the Arborio rice for 20 mins! As you can see not just a little snack!

We were joined at the end of the session by three of our husbands and we all sat around our work station eating the fabulous meal we had all just prepared and in true BBC fashion, enjoying a glass or two!

Thank you Norma for organising such a great event and when can we go again?

Report by Julie.  Photos by Brian, Phil and Norma