Vaccination against Covid-19: how to make an appointment for those over 75

If you are over 75 years of age please read below:

Vaccination against Covid-19: how to make an appointment for those over 75?

Posted on January 15, 2021 – Directorate of legal and administrative information (Prime Minister)

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Free vaccination of people over 75 years of age living at home begins from Monday, January 18, 2021 in vaccination centres. By phone or online, how to make an appointment? explains to you.

This campaign is gradually taking place in vaccination centres.

At the vaccination centre, a very simple questionnaire to verify that the vaccination can proceed normally and in good conditions will have to be completed. It will be possible to see a doctor, since there will always be a doctor present at the vaccination center. It is an intramuscular injection, most often in the shoulder.

At the end of the injection, you must stay about fifteen minutes there for safety reasons before being able to return home. The vaccine will protect you against severe forms of Covid-19 between three and six weeks after the first injection.

  Note:  Isolated people are invited to contact their town hall to find suitable solutions for transport.

On the Internet

People over 75, or their relatives, can make both appointments for the two injections on Santé.fr at the center of their choice.

By telephone

You can also make an appointment by calling:

  • the toll-free number 0800 009 110 is open 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and directs you directly to the telephone platforms of your chosen vaccination center;
  • the vaccination center near you, including telephone numbers is available on the Santé.fr website which has a complete list of centres open in each department.

  Note:  Your Mairie your pharmacist, your doctor or the local press can also provide you with information on the vaccination centres open near you.

  Reminder:  On the day of the appointment, you must arrive with your identity card and carte vitale.

The conditions

Vaccination is free. The vaccines are purchased by the National Public Health Agency which ensures their availability free of charge. Indeed, a decree of December 31, 2020 provides for all the full coverage of pre-vaccination and vaccination consultations, as well as vaccine injection costs. Non-insured persons benefit from an advance fee waiver.

Vaccination is not compulsory. It is based on a decision shared between the patient and his doctor. Thus, the patient’s consent must be obtained beforehand and traced in his medical file.

Good to know:  Do you have questions about the vaccination strategy, vaccines, their supply and monitoring? Go to the Frequently Asked Questions of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health .

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