Cricket – Sunday 21st August


Dear All,

I am calling all past and present member of Giscours cricket Club out of retirement next Sunday, 21st August for a friendly game against a fun loving touring side, who call themselves the “Mad Hatters”, but I believe are a group of cricket loving friends enjoying a holiday in the region with their families.

Since our “1st XI” will be busy in Damazan with the final four of the 20/20 competition, we desperately need ten more jovial souls to join me in almost white clothing to ensure that we can meet our obligation to the touring side. The ability to hold a bat and catch a ball is a definite advantage, but is not necessary, since an appreciation of beer, wine and sunshine are the most important qualities.  The Club’s reputation depends on it!

Since this is a friendly match, no “licence” is needed, so this is the ideal occasion for the “old pros” to get together and reminisce on old times. It would even be the ideal time for a family afternoon at Giscours.

Can you let me know by return whether you are a “yes”, “no” or “maybe”, or if you have any cricketers staying with you?!

Here’s hoping for a selection problem!

Kind regards, Rupert

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