Cycle Ride at Sanguinet Lake & Picnic at Ispe – 2 July 2015


sanguinet1The last week of June saw temperatures approaching 40C, quite uncomfortable (and perhaps unsafe) for a cycle ride, and we were tempted to cancel it. We were lucky, however, as Thursday turned out to be cooler cycling weather and perfect for our 30 km cycle trip. 8 members assembled right on schedule at our meeting point in Sanguinet, unfortunately some last minute cancellations had rather reduced our numbers.

We crossed a delightful ‘arc’ bridge and proceeded along the new lakeside cycle track which offered beautiful views of the lake, with sandy swimming beaches and some small harbours. Our cycle track was elegantly separated from the road by robust wooden barriers. After passing the old Roman port of Estey we headed into the forest and enjoyed around 10Km meandering through a lot of trees on this brand new cycle track which achieved dimensions of a cycle ‘dual carriageway’ although a number of crossings of forest tracks were well signed with rather extravagant barriers to remind us that we did not have right of way!

As we approached the south of the lake, we returned to civilization, passing by camp sites and small farms. We even ‘signed’ to share our cycle track with cars and pedestrians, but we did not see any ! There were some turnings which were not so well signposted and our lead group were so engrossed in conversation that they missed one and had to be recalled ! We were reminded that if we made good speed, there would be time to stop for a beer before we assembled for our picnic – our speed picked up remarkably!

sanguinet2So we reached Navarrosse, cycling beside a ‘sheltered mooring’ creek, and gratefully took our refreshment sitting outside a small hotel which served draught Paulaner beer! Thus refreshed we continued along the cycle track, across an ‘arc’ bridge over the canal which links the three Biscarrosse lakes to the Sailing Club on a lovely inlet at Ispe. There we met a number of local members who joined us for lunch and others who had kindly transported our picnic lunches from Sanguinet. We were able to have a comfortable sit down picnic, courtesy of the sailing club facilities.

Following lunch some of us walked to an adjacent beach which offered a great view of the lake, the far end was almost out of sight. A few of our party had had enough exercise after the 15Km ride, so a smaller number of us cycled back to Sanguinet, taking a small diversion to cycle up and down the adjacent ‘Montagne’, a pretty route but more like a molehill than a mountain!

As we reached Sanguinet, the sun came out, and we could not resist a further opportunity to quench our thirst at a lakeside bar. Some of us also needed to sit down – A great day out !

Report by Phil C (Click here to view the photo album)