Event Report – Bordeaux Christmas Market

The night was wet…..cold and miserable as we gathered under a dripping umbrella clutching our vin chauds trying to keep our frozen fingers warm. We were wondering who in their right mind would come out on a night like this to wander around a Christmas market in the rain and then queue for half an hour to get into a restaurant. Before long our question was answered as fellow BBC members started arriving also clutching their vin chauds and huddling under the umbrella trying to keep dry. A special mention for our new members Stuart and Anne who, on hearing what a fun bunch the BBC are, made an epic two and a half hour journey to join us for the evening, bravo!

After more than one vin chaud (who’s counting) the mood became quite merry and I swear the sun came out (what do they put in that stuff!). A couple of young American teachers in Bordeaux for the weekend were so attracted to our aurora of fun and britishness, that they decided to join us for dinner. So off to the restaurant and after only a mere twenty minutes queuing in the rain we we were shown to our table. They say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and in the case of the Entrecote there was never a truer word spoken. The steak was to die for and  french fries just kept coming, the red wine far too drinkable and the profiterole mountain impossible to conquer.

All in all an excellent meal. After coffee and lots of thank yous , especially to our organiser, Colette, who as always does a great job, we made our way to the exit apologising on route to our fellow dinners for for all the noise and mirth and for making  them feel so inadequate when it comes to having a good night out! On finally reaching the door we all said our good byes and went our separate ways into the wet cold miserable night!

Charles Waldren