Golf at Gujan-Mestras : 10th September 2015


After a well-earned peak season break, the new BBC head coach for golf, Brian, on special leave, it was rumoured, from management of his goat farm, and following his appointment for an undisclosed fee in 2014, was present at Gujan Mestras to put the BBC Ryder Cup candidates through their paces.

The business of the day commenced sitting down to a club-house lunch when Ted, the resident BBC toastmaster general, reminded us we were momentarily missing the joyous company of a number of good friends. Surprised or relieved by the lack of any narrative to accompany Ted’s thoughtful and spontaneous initiative, we immediately and very happily raised our glasses to Desmond’s, Lucinda’s and Roger’s continued good healths, long lives and happiness, and hoped that, in 2016, we and other BBC members will have the pleasure of their Aquitaineous company again soon.

A result of top level BBC management planning, two designated groups of players : team ‘A’ (David) and team ‘B’ (John) eventually teed off at 1.50pm and 2.20pm respectively.

With the loss of only one ball, and a fair sprinkling of par 4’s, on this clement and sunny afternoon, the two groups successfully completed two full nine holes by 5.00pm, before retiring to the terrace at the interestingly located 19th hole where at last they were able to remedy any possible slight dryness in the throat and were able to swap stories about the size of the one that got away and to congratulate Ted who, it might have been assumed, was born in a golf buggy, for his masterly display and incident-free afternoon behind the wheel.

Report by Anthony D