Grand Christmas Party and Dinner – Friday 11th December 2015 at 7 pm

Sold Out and a great time was enjoyed by all concerned!!

Update: Renee, Edith, Herr Flick, Helga and their friends have joined our association and booked their tickets.  Also, we hear that Capt. Bertorelli just cannot wait to meet the ‘Bay Bay Cay laydees’!

xmas-partyThis year following Members preferences from the membership survey, we are returning to the stunning Château La Chèze in Floirac for our annual Christmas Party and Dinner.  As requested, we have also suggested some lower cost hotel and transport options below.

The price is pegged at the same as last year, 45€ for members and 50€ for member’s guests.

The evening will commence at 7 pm with an apéro – an opportunity to meet up with friends and to welcome new members.

Dinner will be our special Christmas menu with a selection of wines.

After dinner, there is the option to while/wile away the evening, relaxing, chatting and maybe enjoying a drink or two from the free fully stocked bar.  At the other end of the room our resident DJ Gary Brooks has a wide range of different music to take us from the 1950’s to the present. All those memories will come flooding back!  The energetic can enjoy a boogie; maybe a smooch or two for the romantically inclined and we may be sure that some of the old faithfuls (music that is!) will make an appearance. Last year we all ran out of steam at 1:30am! (This year some ran out of steam at 04:00!!)

In summary, very much an evening to suit everyone.  To enjoy good food and wine. To be calm or to be energetic. The choice is yours. Oh ……. and also to enjoy great company in a beautiful environment!

* Venue

Château La Chèze – 27 Avenue Pierre Semirot, 33270 FLOIRAC.  The château was built in the late 19th century on the grounds of a former small fortified castle by a wealthy market gardener. The art nouveau style mansion has been modernized to high standards whilst retaining many of the original charming features. The staff are helpful, friendly and created and gave us a great ambiance for us last year.

* Menu

Please let us know your choice of menu by 1st December at the latest.

  • Apéro :
    • Kir and ‘amuse bouches’
  • Entrée:
    • Foie Gras mi-cuit aux tourchon et aux cranberries
    • OR Maki de Saumon a la creme fromages aux herbes et son mesclun
  • Main:
    • Ballotine de Volaille Forestiere deglace aux cognac, Puree de Patates Douces et Polee de Marrons
    • OR Dos de Lieu Noir aux Fruits de Mer, Mouseeeline de Panais aux Eclats de Marron
  • Desert:
    • Declanisation Autour de l’Annanas (mousse a l’annas, tartare d’ananas roti au miel, panaccotta l’ananas)
    • OR Assiette Gourmande de Noel (4 selections and cafe noir)
  • Coffee

* Overnight Accommodation and Transport Options
  • Château La Chèze – 27 Avenue Pierre Semirot, 33270 FLOIRAC
    • A special overnight rate of 85€ has been negotiated for a double room and breakfast.
    • Only available if booked direct with Carine Bismuth at the château with reference to the special price for the ‘Bordeaux British Community’ otherwise you will not receive the reduced rate
    • The château has 14 rooms but many have already been booked by members for the party

There are a number of local hotels available nearby.  Some of these hotels are listed below. The room rates are for a double room for the night of 11th December.  The prices will increase as we get closer to Christmas, so book early!

  • Hôtel Formule Club – 5 Rue Condorcet, 33150 CENON
    • 2.3 km by car from Château La Chèze
    • If there is sufficient demand we will investigate the possibility of hiring a minibus to take members from the Hôtel Formule Club in Cenon to the château and return at the end of the evening.
      • The cost would be divided between the participating passengers and payable in advance.
      • Please indicate your interest on the ‘transport section‘ of your event booking form here below as soon as possible so that we may go ahead and investigate the possibilities if there are sufficient numbers.
    • Eight different styles of room quoted at 43€, 46€, 50€, 55€, 57€ etc for 11th December.  Website here
    • Several of our members have stayed at this hotel and reported good value for money.
  • Hôtel Altica – rue de la Gabarre, 33270 FLOIRAC
    • 3.4 kms by car from Château La Chèze
    • 05 57 97 70 70 or website and book on-line here
    • 42 quoted for a double room for the 11th December
  • Hôtel F1 – 50rueEmileHenriot, QuaidelaSouys, 33100 BORDEAUX-BASTIDE
    • 2.8 km by car from Château La Chèze
    • 0891 70 51 93 
    • 30,60€ quoted for a double room for 11th December or 34€ with easy cancellation
  • Hôtel Kyriad – 1 Avenue de Paris 33310 LORMONT
    • 4 km by car from Château La Chèze
    • 0892 23 48 13 or website and on-line reservation here
    • 48€ for two for 11 December or 68€ with cancellation option

* Transport Options

taxi_m23Minibus – If there is sufficient demand we will investigate the possibility of hiring a minibus to take members from the Hôtel Formule Club in Cenon to the château and return at the end of the evening. (see above)

Taxis – Recommend that you book your taxi in advance rather than waiting until you need it. When booking your taxi, please make sure that you have the château address to hand which is: Château La Chèze, 27 Avenue Pierre Semirot, 33270 FLOIRAC

  • The château reception will book your taxi but definitely do not wait until the last minute
  • – Dial 3985 to make a reservation (note that this is a premium line  – 1,35€ plus 0.34€ per minute)
  • Aquitaine Taxi Radio – 05 56 86 80 30  or  (Located in Cenon)
  • Pages Jaune – In the first search box enter ‘taxi’ and enter ‘floirac’ or ‘cenon’ in the second box.  There are several taxis located in Cenon and Floirac