• MPs back indicative votes by majority of 27 to take control of Brexit process – live news 25/03/2019
    MPs vote by 329 to 302 for Letwin amendment, despite Theresa May saying government would not be bound by resultHow did each MP vote on the indicative votes amendment?MPs seize control by backing indicative votes amendmentTheresa May maintains carry-on-regardless Brexit strategy 10.37pm GMT From ITV’s Robert PestonFrankly there is no conspicuous logic to MPs […]
  • Mitch McConnell blocks motion to make Mueller report public – live 25/03/2019
    Senator Chuck Schumer says public ‘simply want the truth’. Follow the latest developments Support the Guardian’s independent journalism 10.14pm GMT Lauren Gambino has some more details on Beto O’Rourke’s new campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon:Jen O’Malley Dillon is a big hire for Beto O’Rourke’s fledgling campaign, which has so far been run by a handful o […]
  • Art 50: The Sound of Britain review – can art stop the Brexit madness? 25/03/2019
    This series of cultural responses to Brexit and national identity kicked off with music and dance – but failed to give us enough of eitherI guess you might as well use art to try to make sense of Brexit. Nothing else seems to work. Sky Art’s Art 50 is a series of 50 projects funded by the broadcaster on the topic of national identity. Created by new, emergin […]
  • MPs seize control of Brexit process by backing indicative votes amendment 25/03/2019
    Amendment giving MPs a series of votes on alternatives to May’s Brexit deal passes 329 votes to 302MPs have seized control of the parliamentary timetable for a series of “indicative votes” on the next steps for Brexit – but Theresa May declined to say whether she would abide by the outcome.An amendment tabled by former Tory minister Oliver Letwin passed, by […]
  • Mexico demands Spain apologize for colonial abuse of indigenous people 25/03/2019
    In letter to Spanish king, President Obrador cites massacres and oppression during conquest of Mexico Mexico’s president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has written to Spanish King Felipe VI and Pope Francis urging them to apologize for the “abuses” of colonialism and the conquest.In a video filmed at the ruins of the indigenous city of Comalcalco, in southern M […]
  • Ross Barkley hits double as England blast five past Montenegro 25/03/2019
    By the time they had finished it seemed barely believable that there was a brief while when England looked in danger of losing a qualifying match for the first time in nearly 10 years. Only brief, mind. Gareth Southgate’s players quickly shook their heads clear and set about reminding England’s followers why they can trust this team in a way that scarcely fe […]
  • Edible marijuana sends outsize number of people to hospital, Colorado study finds 25/03/2019
    University researchers say effects of edibles can be longer lasting than people realize after study reveals ‘striking results’Edible marijuana products are a small slice of cannabis sales in Colorado, but were linked to a large proportion of cannabis-related emergency room visits in the state, according to a study published on Monday.From January 2012 to Dec […]
  • Apple TV+: less a rival to Netflix, more a smug religious cult 25/03/2019
    The launch event for the tech giant’s streaming service featured Oprah, Spielberg and plenty of self-indulgence, but little evidence it can catch up with the market leaderIf the shows on Apple’s new TV service turn out to be as smugly evangelistic, self-indulgent and editorially undisciplined as the launch event for the product, streamed from California on M […]
  • 'Embarrassing and strange': Boxer kisses female reporter on lips during interview 25/03/2019
    Kubrat Pulev ends interview with Jennifer Ravalo with kissBulgarian had just beaten Bogdan Dinu in Las VegasBulgarian heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev had distinguished himself by knocking out Bogdan Dinu in Las Vegas on Saturday night, his 27th victory in his 28th professional fight. What was to follow was less glorious.He was interviewed by Vegas Sports Dail […]
  • Martin Rowson on the Mueller report and Russian interference – cartoon 25/03/2019
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