• Global markets rocked as US-China trade and tech rift deepens 23/05/2019
    Shares fall sharply in Asia, Europe and North America in intensifying war of wordsThe deepening trade and technology war between the US and China has sent global stock markets sharply lower and prompted a warning from the IMF of the increasing risks to the global economy.Shares fell sharply in Asia, Europe and North America on a day that saw investors alarme […]
  • New US charges against Julian Assange could spell decades behind bars 23/05/2019
    WikiLeaks founder charged in 18-count DoJ indictmentAssange ‘risked serious harm to US national security’Julian Assange could face decades in a US prison after being charged with violating the Espionage Act by publishing classified information through WikiLeaks. Related: Julian Assange: US charges WikiLeaks founder with violating Espionage Act – live Continu […]
  • Arsène Wenger: Europa League final ‘little bit of a nightmare’ for Arsenal 23/05/2019
    • Mkhitaryan’s absence ‘something that should not happen’• Frenchman says he is ready for return to footballArsène Wenger has described Arsenal’s predicament in heading to Baku for the Europa League final as “a little bit of a nightmare”. The club’s former manager, who left last summer after 22 years in the role and still describes himself as a fan, expresse […]
  • Burrow action: female crickets more attracted to older males – study 23/05/2019
    Mature crickets better at luring females – but struggle to live up to expectationThe sweet singing charms of an old male appear to be irresistible to a younger female – if you are a field cricket in a Spanish meadow.Researchers studying wild crickets have found older males are better than younger, more immature rivals at attracting females back to their burr […]
  • Uber to launch Jump bike hire scheme in Islington borough 23/05/2019
    Ride-hailing company hopes to expand to other London boroughs if local trial goes wellUber is to launch its electric bike hire scheme in the UK, trialling Jump bikes in London through its app.The global ride-hailing firm will be battling with Lime for the e-bike market, after the retreat of dockless bicycle firms from the UK. Continue reading...
  • Wellbeing should replace growth as 'main aim of UK spending' 23/05/2019
    Ex-civil service chief says spending review opportunity to focus on health and happinessPersonal wellbeing rather than economic growth should be the primary aim of government spending, according to a report by the former head of the civil service and politicians.Launching a report urging a sea change in thinking from ministers, Gus O’Donnell, who served as c […]
  • English test students may have been wrongly accused, says watchdog 23/05/2019
    Home Office ‘did not have the expertise’ to check data used to accuse students of cheatingThe student accused by UK of cheating at EnglishA government watchdog has criticised the Home Office for failing to protect students wrongly accused of cheating in an English language test that they were required to sit as part of a visa application process.About 2,500 […]
  • Arsène Wenger: ‘All of us have competition. My toughest one was with myself’ 23/05/2019
    The former Arsenal manager tells Amy Lawrence he is enjoying life away from football but is still looking for the next big innovationWhen Arsène Wenger bade farewell to Arsenal with a theatrical bow after four uninterrupted decades in management, he could barely imagine a day away from what he describes as “the heat”. Now, after a year breathing cooler air, […]
  • Congestion on Everest leads to backlog of climbers in 'death zone' 23/05/2019
    Local media cites recent deaths of three people as cause for hours-long queue in freezing temperaturesHundreds of climbers hoping to make it to the summit of the world’s tallest mountain were forced to queue for hours in freezing temperatures at high altitude this week as congestion built up on Mount Everest.The delays have been linked to the deaths of at le […]
  • The Other Two review – a fabulous, scabrous sendup of Bieber-a-likes 23/05/2019
    How would you react if your baby brother became an overnight pop sensation? This comedy has heart, charm – and a staggering belly-laugh gag rateCary Dubek is a 30-year-old gay, still-aspiring actor. His sister Brooke was a dancer in her younger days. She is currently temping as a realtor, because it allows her to squat in the homes she is supposed to be show […]