Information Event: Martignas – Tuesday, 27th October at 14:30

Healthcare, Savings, Tax and Inheritance Advice


The event which was originally scheduled for June has now been arranged for Tuesday 27th October at 14:30.  All other arrangements are unchanged.

This is not a social event. It is a series of presentations designed to assist an “étranger” to get the best out of their scarce resources when it comes to healthcare, savings and tax and inheritance.

It will be held at a members house in Martignas.  The event will be informative with presentations, a question session and a chance to talk informally to the presenters. Numbers will be limited by space to 30 people and there will be no charge.

savingsThe BBC Statutes specify the aims of the association to also assist the integration of English speaking people who come to settle in Bordeaux. One way of doing this is by helping to understand how the French system works and how to make our resources work better for us.

For example, the British are familiar with how the National Health Service is supposed to work but when living in France, they must quickly learn how to get along in the health system or they may find it very costly. Once familiar with it they will recognize how lucky the French are. But this is more than knowing how to get along and more about how to make the most of it and not get caught with unexpected costs through not understanding.

health_benes_claim_form1Having lived in France for 15 years, I sometimes think that I know all these things, but then something happens and I realize that there is a massive gap in my knowledge. If you are like me or you have just moved or are about to move to France, you might like to meet with some experts. The subjects being covered will include; the healthcare system, making your money and savings work for you, and changes to inheritance arrangements. This is not a sales exercise or advertising but if there is any follow up activity with the presenters or others, that is up to individual members.


Please book direct with John B (contact details are in the Members Area here) or online: