Lunch at la Brasserie at Lycée Condorcet, Arcachon – 20 March 2015


The Lycee Condorcet in Arcachon is a school where young people aspiring to be chefs and restaurateurs, receive tuition in this field alongside their traditional education. The school has two dining options a restaurant and a brasserie. Fortunately for us one of our young members is a student there and a lunch reservation was made for us in the ‘The Brasserie’.

On arrival we were greeted by students, who were appropriately attired in black trousers, white shirts, bow tie and ‘bistro aprons’. Our coats were taken and we were politely shown to our tables. Young maître d’s offered us a choice of menu and for my entree I selected rillettes saumon avec toast. This was presented  on a small slate platter, the rillettes were shaped into quenelles and served with small triangles of toast and a salad garnish, beautifully topped with a pretty  edible flower. My choice of entree, parmentier confit canard was equally impressive, the parmentier was creamy and well seasoned and the duck mixed with mushrooms was moist and again beautifully presented. Last but not least for my dessert I chose oeufs neige avec fruits secs The ‘oeufs neige’ were light and fluffy floating in a sea of crème anglaise and scattered over the top was a mix preserved citrus fruit peel and pistachio nuts, absolutey delicious.

I think that everyone would agree with me that whatever our choice of menu the food was well prepared, well cooked and beautifully presented. I can honestly say the food was presented and tasted equal, if not better, than at many restaurants I have tried and the young students should be very proud of themselves. The future of French cuisine is in safe hands. A big thank you to Sarah, Paul and Elliot for making the arrangements and when can we sample the delights of The Brasserie de Lycees Condorcet again?!

Report by Norma B