What are Noisettines? Find out on Wednesday, 25th November

Noisettines du Médoc

We will commence the day with lunch, at 12 noon, in a traditional Médocaine restaurant, Le Bouchon d’Esteuil in Place du 19 Mars 1962, Saint Germain d’Esteuil located south of Lesparre Médoc.

A great opportunity to enjoy delicious, authentic médocaine cuisine!

The restaurant website is: www.lebouchondesteuil.fr

After lunch we will visit to the atelier at the Noyez family’s establishment making the delicious noisettines.

For those unsure of what a Noisettine du Médoc is, then take a look at the website www.noisettines.fr

The visit lasts around 40 minutes and will be in French.

Lunch Choices

There are two menus and Deirdre needs to know by Monday 16th November at the latest what you would like to eat.  The menu choices are:

  • Menu 1
    • Salad Périgourdine with gezier, coeur de volaille, magret fumé, fois gras and salad.
    • Brochette of Magret with a honey sauce, pomme dauphinoise and vegetable
    • Fondant chocolat with a red fruit coulis
  • Menu 2
    • Traditional charcuterie
    • Fish, either salmon or cod in a papilotte
    • Apple crumble with a red fruit coulis

The price is 25€ including wine and coffee. Rather more than we usually pay but very well worth it for this delicious authentic Médoc cuisine.  Monsieur assures Deirdre that all his produce is fresh!

Dierdre is fairly sure that she will be able to ask him to mix and match between the two menus but before the November 16th please!

The restaurant will be closed to the public and the staff are dedicated to serve us exclusively.

Address and Map to the Restaurant


Le Bouchon d’Esteuil, Place du 19 Mars 1962, Saint-Germain-d’Esteuil


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  • From Bordeaux take the N1215 from junction 7 on the Rocade.
  • Keep on the N1215 passing by Castelnau de Médoc and St Laurent Médoc.
  • Keep heading north
  • Once you get on to dual carriageway look out for a sign to the right to St Germain d’Esteuil and Artiguillon
  • Take the St Germain turning and keep following signs to St Germain
  • In St Germain you will see the church on your left and the restaurant is right there

There is plenty of parking.

Address and Map to the Noisettine Atelier


Noisettines du Medoc, 1 La Landette, 33340 Blaignan


Latitude : 45.32559941008895
Longitude : -0.8739280700683594


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Please book online or direct with Dierdre