Picasso Exhibition Visit, Lunch, Mini Cruise Tuesday 19 July 2022

Picasso, l’effervescence des formes – 15th April to 28th August 28 2022 – explores the place of wine and popular drinks in Pablo Picasso’s work through a wide variety of themes and creations such as paintings, drawings, ceramics, films…). Group entrance fee to Cité du Vin 10€ per person (10 participants or less), 8€ over 10 participants + 8€ p.p. exhibition fee. Guide fee for exhibition visit 150€ (optional)..

How to get there: TRAM B

Meeting time and place: 10.15am to 10.30am at the entrance of Cité du Vin. Cité du Vin opens at 10.00.

Lunch will be at the Les Halles de Bacalan complex across the road. Information will be supplied later.

Afternoon – Why not enjoy a mini-cruise to Lormont and back on the Batcub afterwards? We’ve done it the other way round. Or a shopping spree at nearby Quai des Marques on the riverside? NOT guided… Or a walk round the new Bacalan district. Open-bar.

Car parks at Quai des Marques, not cheap. Best bet again is to board a tram from a Parc Relais and get to tram B (from Hôtel de Ville for Tram A, from Quinconces for trams C/D). The Batcub voyage is paid from the Bx Métropole standard tickarte.

How to join: register with Alain at alain-eric.mounolou@orange.fr before Tuesday 12 July.

If a number of us fancy the Batcub voyage, I’ll have to book with TBM. Return to Cité du Vin miay have to be with riverside bus.

Contact on D Day: (new number). Make sure you have Alain’s number with you.

Alain Mounolou – Association Secretary