Picnic and Garden Games + Chateau visit : Labat – 8 July 2015


Le Tour Carnet at 11.15 saw seven BBC crew (Liz, Elizabeth, Deirdre, Chris, Ted, Sarah and Peter) in the second oldest chateau’s foyer. Gregory, the tour guide showed us around the chateau and its living quarters. Several of us were quite taken with the four poster beds, views over the vineyards and beautiful interior design. The owner, M. Magrez would agree. He also owns a lot of other vineyards in France and overseas. The chateau had a moat, swans, suits of armour, ancient manuscripts (Michel Mortaigne) and a chapel. After that we were shown where the wine was made, fermented and finally onto the crucial bit, wine tasting. ……….

Definitely worth visiting so if you missed the opportunity, here is the link to find out more: http://www.bernard-magrez.com/en/wines/chateau-la-tour-carnet

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the day’s picnic was being organized by Jenny Grant. A very well attended event. Everyone brought a dish, which created a delicious spread that was shared alfresco. Plenty of liquid refreshments too. Tables swapped around to make life interesting. Desserts followed. Some of the recipes are attached, together with this newsletter, because they tasted so good lots of people requested this (thanks to Elizabeth, Norma and Deirdre).

labatNext came the competitions – croquet on Ted Grant’s manicured lawn…. Great attention to detail (like Monsieur Magrez’s chateau) to create a lawn worthy of this mighty game. Liz started off slowly and after warming up, out-croqueted a lot of us. The petanque teams were getting very competitive as well. There was a gazebo for shade and those that wanted to cheer on their team. Deirdre and Chris have played this before and their underarm boules got mighty close, and they ended up winning by a tight margin. We all had a go at most ball games including ping pong.

Upstairs, Pamela enjoyed Wimbledon – cheering on Murray. Sadly Murray fought hard later in the week to be beaten by Fedora. Then out came the teapot, blue willow china and biscuits. Jenny and Ted had thought of everything. Thank you to the Grants for a wonderful day enjoyed by all.

Report by Sarah K.  (Click here to view the photo album)