Potential UK Exit from the EU (BREXIT)


The new year brings further news of developments regarding the future of  the UK’s relationship with the European Union.  The UK Prime Minister is involved in talks with other EU leaders which, it is hoped, will lead to a re-negotiation of the formal relationship between the UK and its EU partners.  The terms of these talks will be the subject of discussion at the February 2016 EU Summit and will be followed, perhaps as early as June of 2016, by a UK wide Referendum to decide if the UK is to remain in or leave the EU.

BBC Committee Decision

The BBC Committee has decided that we should closely monitor the negotiation and the referendum result so that we can provide information to our members. This will be particularly important in the event that the decision is for a UK withdrawal (BREXIT), but a “remain” vote could also mean some change to the status or rights of UK nationals living and/or working in France or the rest of the EU, or those considering a return to the UK.

BBC Policy

Although we know that many of you will have strong views on the matter, it is not for us to make the case for or against a UK withdrawal – both the For and Against campaigns are up and running and many forums exist where views may be expressed.   Your committee has decided that we will restrict ourselves to a purely information role. Our involvement will be impartial and non-political, co-ordinated by a small group which includes a member of the Association – John Elliott – who has broad experience of Advice and Information Services.

BBC Members

Whilst this initiative is primarily for the benefit of our members we do wish to reach out to a wider audience and to involve the widest possible constituency in collecting and disseminating this information so, please make contact with a committee member if you have a view or wish to share ideas. (Contact details for Committee Members are in the Membership Directory here)

Please note, there are likely to be many specific questions of detail and we may not have sufficient resources to examine them all but we will try to concentrate on those issues of widest interest. Information gleaned will be available in the BREXIT section BBC Members Area.