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Rugby World Cup 2023 Fan Zone Visit – Saturday 9th September

The Rugby World Cup is coming to France with preliminary matches held in Bordeaux between the 9th and 30th September.

Fan Zone Visit – Saturday 9th September with Irish and Welsh supporters in Bordeaux for the weekend’s matches.

A feature of past World Cup organisations has been the establishment of Fan Zones which facilitate watching the games on a big screen or as a focal point for fans before and after local matches. The Fan Zone, which can hold up to 10,000 supporters, is situated on the quayside in the Parc des Sports Saint-Michel Complexe (see below) for almost all the matches of the World Cup, played here and elsewhere in France.

Fan Zone – Parc des Sports Saint Michel

Past experience in France, England and Japan, at these fan zones, has been an enjoyable time mixing entertainment, match watching on the big screen with the ambiance of the rugby fraternity renowned the world over for its friendliness, fun, family and competitive bragging. Much akin to a good old British Pub.

This opportunity promises the chance for a fun afternoon or evening, to wear your colours with pride, if you so wish, and to taste the atmosphere of the world of rugby if you have not had the chance before.

We are expecting that some cafes/restaurants in Bordeaux will join in to celebrate the event and so we will look to see if and how we can include this.

Check out the link below which will tell you all about the Fan Zone in Bordeaux and much more about the organisation of the event :

Graham White – Association Vice President