Enjoy a quiet forest walk and discover old out-of-the-way churches on the chemin de Compostelle, with Alain.

MEETING PLACE AND TIME: Belin-Béliet, by the church of Belin, café-restaurant « la Grillade d’Aliénor » between 14.00 and 14.30. Belin-Béliet is on D1010 road, the former Nationale 10. Belin is the southern part of the village (the Bayonne side). Can’t miss it, it’s on your left as you drive down from Bordeaux with a car park to the left. (don’t confuse with the church at Bélietwhich is off the road on the right and surrounded with scaffolding carry on past this church). We’ll have a look at the church, then drive a few km down to Mons and Vieux Lugo to have a look at the churches (from the outside, they’re closed due to recent vandalism), the river Eyre’s, miraculous fontaine St Clair (cures eye sores… they say, don’t expect anything on the Fontana di Trevi scale in Rome !) and enjoy a quiet forest walk.

HOW TO GET THERE – from Bordeaux and North : Bayonne A 63 motorway down to junction/sortie 21, Belin-Béliet/Bazas direction, or down the old N10-now D1010 from junction/sortie 16 of the rocade via Gradignan-Le Barp-Belin. From the Bassin, down D3 from Facture/Biganos. From Arcachon / Biscarrosse via Sanguinet D 147 / D 110 to Lugos and Belin, then the church is the 1st on the right.

CONTACT and REGISTER with Alain Mounolou, / We’ll end up at Belin for a mid-afternoon cup of coffee at « la Grillade d’Aliénor ».

CAR SHARING from Bordeaux (4 per car with masks on) to be organised with Alain.