Spring Golf Update 2015


When advertising a BBC event, we now want to grab your attention and imagination so that you are tempted to join us. In the spirit of this new policy, I would like to say that golf is a wonderful activity which not only challenges your physical and mental abilities but also provides you with gentle exercise in a very pleasant outdoor setting, often with great company.

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, OK! WE KNOW ALL THAT! But when is it on and where?

The BBC season has already started with our first outing at Margaux on 8 April.

  • The second event at Cameyrac on Tuesday 19th May.  Click here for more information
  • The third at Pessac on Tuesday 16th June. Click here for more information
  • There will then be a short break and we will start again in September.

You are welcome to join us to play and/or enjoy  lunch and/or to just walk round offering support and advice but if you haven’t played before I suggest you have some lessons and then you can show us how to play properly.

For further information please contact John B.