St. Patrick’s Night: Martignas 2015

Four Leaf CloverThe feast of St Patrick was celebrated a few days early by the BBC chez the Basgallops.  We welcomed new faces; Tom (born in Ireland) and Sa, spending a few months in Bordeaux as part of a grand tour and Isabelle from Gibson country.

The theme was definitely green! Many were dressed completely or partly in green, John’s punch was a beautiful green and much of the food was green. If that sounds dodgy, it should be explained that this was by design and not due to being left over from last year! There was green cold soup in shot glasses, prawn paste on cucumber rounds (it was the cucumber rounds that were green) and lovely cakes with green icing to mention but a few of the dishes that made the spread. Centre to all this were baked potatoes with sauce and cheese prepared by Eileen.

As expected, there was no risk of a shortage of drinks with not only the punch but also beers, wines and whiskies (and whiskeys). There was good background music with many traditional Irish songs, although early on this was drowned out by the craik (as the Irish would say) only to be revealed as the hubbub died down.

So a great evening was had by all and we all owe a debt of gratitude to John and Eileen for the use of their lovely house, their organisation of the party, food and drink.

Report by Chris R