Summer Platinum Jubilee Garden Party – 4th June

WILL YOU be coming to our Summer Platinum Jubilee Celebration Party on June the 4th from 12.30pm

Do you want to be a part of our Jubilee Street Party (although in a garden – you will have to imagine this bit)? Then please join us to celebrate the summer solstice (OK maybe a few days early) and 70 years of the Queen’s reign, hosted in the garden of members David and Michele Chown at :

                                               3 Hameau du Riou, 33460 Cussac-Fort-Medoc

Buntings galore, apéro, canapes, royal toast (sparkling wine), wine and soft drinks are provided “gratuit”.

Music will be supplied by our very own in-house DJ’s for you to dance your afternoon away, or just come and enjoy the company of your fellow BBCers. What more does a British party need for a knees up and a good old gossip?

But, to make this a success, we need you to bring YOUR best British cooking.

To recreate the street party food, we would like to offer various sandwiches, sausage rolls, coronation chicken, smoked salmon, roast ham, beef or chicken, quiches, cheese, gazpacho, prawn or salmon based dishes and various salads (rice, pasta, green, tomato, coleslaw, egg, potato etc).

Desserts including tarts (apple, other fruits or jam) cakes (cupcakes, victoria sponges) fruit salad, trifles, chocolate mousse or the official Jubilee dessert/cake recipe which is to be specially devised for the Queen and will be announced in due course and anything else that you are partial to and wish to bring and share.

Now, we do not want to have 250 sausage rolls cooked and just one cucumber sandwich cut do we? (unless you are the world’s biggest sausage roll fan) SO AS A CONDITION OF FREE ENTRY we ask you to call Colette Gibson to reserve your place and for guidance on what food is needed for the big day.

To scoff it all down please bring plates, cutlery and glasses for your own use.  

Marquee cover is provided if a British Summer prevails and it’s raining.

As this is a MEMBERS ONLY event we only have enough space for 50 people, so as not to be disappointed please book early.


ADDRESS : David & Michelle Chown, 3 Hameau du Riou, 33460 CUSSAC-FORT-MEDOC

SATNAV : If using your SatNav ​do not​ use the above address of the party as you will be guided to a different Hameau de Riou!

Suggest entering:

● 19 ​rue du Bourdieu ​33460 CUSSAC-FORT-MEDOC which is next to ​Hameau du Riou

● 45°06’34.4″N 0°43’18.3″W

● or 45.11 -0.72

● or 45.11 N 0.72 W


  • Drive along the D2 to ​Vieux Cussac
  • In Vieux Cussac, look out for the sign to the historical monument of ​Fort Médoc du 17 Siècle​ and turn into ​Avenue du Fort Medoc
  • After a short distance, when the houses finish, immediately take the left fork into ​Sourbey
  • Continue driving through the vineyards until you see some houses on the left which are the Hameau de Riou
  • The party is at ​3 Hameau du Riou​.


Parking – Option 1

Hameau du Riou, where the event itself takes place, is a cul-de-sac with about 14 houses but has very limited​ parking space for visitors.

  • You may park the Hameau road but​ only in the few parking spaces which are SURFACED (tarmacadam)
  • Please do ​NOT park​ ​on the patches of grass or bushes. Only park on the hard tarmac spaces.

Parking – Option 2

Hameau du Riou is at the vineyard end of ​rue du Bourdieu​ and there is plenty of parking on both sides of rue de Bourdieu​ but please:

  • Be very careful of the ​narrow grass ditches​ on the unbuilt side of rue du Bourdieu.
  • Do not park​ on any tracks which are for access to vineyards as pollution from your car causes damage to the vines
  • Please avoid obstructing​ the entrances to houses

We are greatly indebted to David and Michele for hosting this event.

Graham White – Committee member