Talk: Journey to a Plastic Free World: 7pm Friday 27th Nov 2020

The BBC is hosting a Zoom Talk – Journey to a Plastic Free World.  This lecture will be a macro view on the world’s plastic problem and the collective individual solutions and alternatives to plastic usage.

Our guest speaker, Fiona Cheremeteff, started her plastic free journey about 4 years ago and has already achieved some key milestones and managed to reduce her plastic consumption and waste by more than half.

The talk will last for an hour and will include time for members to ask questions.  Fiona will provide a background to the world’s plastic problem and will explain her journey to establish her company to help people live in a sustainable, lower impact, even zero waste, way.  During the talk she will showcase and demonstrate some of her favourite plastic-free products such as FSC wood washing up brushes, stainless steel lunch boxes, and bamboo toothbrushes.

Plastic, a petroleum derived material, has been a necessity in our lives due to its versatility, low cost and shaping flexibility for multiple uses: water bottles, plastic bags, toothbrushes, phone cases and much more!  Plastic was first produced in 1907 by a Belgian American chemist called Leo Baekeland who created the first synthetic mass produced plastic. Over the years, it has replaced a lot of other materials such as metal, glass, stone and paper.  As time passes and plastic demand increases, this very useful and cheap substance has shown a dark side: we now have to deal with a global plastic pollution problem that poses a threat to our land, water and air.

Plastic can break into small pieces that can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. Plastic bottles for instance might take up to 450 years or more. These micro-plastic pieces also enter our food chain and ecosystems. All the plastic that has ever been made still exists on our planet.  In addition, plastic has been found in the organs of many wild creatures and has been the reason behind their deaths.  Plastic has been found in human organs and has been linked to cause headaches, asthma, thyroid, infertility and cancer.  So, the question is: what can we do about it?

Meet Fiona:

Fiona is an English lawyer, who has worked in the UK, Russia, Switzerland and the USA, for 20 years in finance and banking law, but also specialises in international environmental law. She has worked at international law firms and banks; NGOs such as the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), Kew Gardens, the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development; the Global Environment Facility Secretariat, as well as at the UN (UNDP). She is an environmentalist at heart, still working as a legal consultant, and has started her own venture ‘Plastic Free Vibes’ ( following on from wanting to help others reduce their plastic usage. She started a Facebook group in 2017 (“Reduce Your Plastic Footprint”) and an Instagram page.

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Meeting Registration

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