What is the BBC Committee up to?

Dear BBC Members,

Your hard working BBC Committee normally meets once per month in Bordeaux to plan next events and discuss other matters of great importance before adjourning for a long lunch followed by the cinema visit kindly arranged by Deirdre. But that is no more for a while longer.

No more dashing into Bordeaux. No more taxing our brains. So, what does the committee do now? You might think more time for relaxation at home but sadly not.

Norma, our creative efficient president, decided that committee work must continue and skype conference calls were the answer. For those who have not experienced the joys of a conference call there is lots of fun to be had by all on the call.

Such as, most attendees simultaneously asking ‘Has Norma/Nigel/Henley/Ian/Pamela/Sami/Colette/Avril/Rene/Brian/Cathy/Charles/Alain, or any random combination of those names, joined the call yet?’ Then followed by numerous inaudible overlapping answers.

It is guaranteed that a doggy always joins in at some point with lots of barking followed by lots of return barks from Molly, Sami, Ginger et al who were gently dozing until they heard the voice of their distant doggy friend coming from the computer. Every other word, phrase and sentence always gets muted at some point as the network cuts in and out.

Anyone remember when Robert Peston was doing a live BBC (no, the other lot!) broadcast from home during a financial crisis when his wife burst in to ask Robert about additions to the supermarket shopping list! Robert, being a true professional was unfazed, answered the question and glided serenely on.

Our membership secretary, Nigel, came across a video which captures most of what happen on our first ever BBC Committee conference call. Thank you Nigel, ably assisted by Sami, for sharing it with us here:  https://youtu.be/DYu_bGbZiiQ

If the video is preceded by advertisements, then click ‘Skip Ads’ on the right hand side of the screen.

Think of your committee on our next conference call and in the meantime, stay healthy and keep a watchful eye on your friends and loved ones.

Kind regards,

Your BBC Committee