THE ROBOTS HAVE ARRIVED AT CAP SCIENCE!! Tuesday, 21st January at 15:00


TUESDAY 21st January at Cap Science, Hangar 20, Quai de Bacalan, Bordeaux at 15.00

Ever present in our lives, from cinema to literature and music, the coming years will determine the relationship that we have with them and their position in our existence. So, will they replace us?

Background to the the Exhibition

Useful, disturbing, essential, insensitive: robots question as much as they fascinate. Humanoid, industrial or household, they land at Cap Sciences … Come explore this new revolution!

From the first flints, to robots and AI, Man has constantly invented tools and machines to support and relieve him. Present in the cinema, in literature or in music, robots are not just a cultural symbol.

The years to come will determine the relationship we have with them and the place they will occupy in our lives. So will they replace us?

Become part of this ethical challenge and take up the one launched by Pepper, Nao, Cozmo and others …


Come and join us for a tour with an English speaking guide in what should be a fascinating and fun bi-lingual exhibition.

The english language tour will last 1.30 hours at the much reduced price 4€ per person. (The normal price is 9€)

If anyone would like to meet earlier for lunch, we will eat at the buffet restaurant close by which has a very reasonable menu.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish to attend the visit and/or the lunch so I can confirm our group numbers and reserve a table for lunch.

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