Come and join us for a visit to the quaint, ancient ville of Bourg-en-Gironde. This small town is a little gem set on the right bank close to the confluence of the Dordogne and Garonne rivers to the north of Bordeaux. It has had a tumultuous 2000 year history, first invaded by the Visigoths, ravaged by the Normans and fortified by the English.

The site has been a Gallo-Roman villa of the Pontii, a medieval castle, a citadel built at the end of the 16th century and a Charterhouse, called “Château de la Citadelle” and was occupied during the second world war occupation. Its French gardens and terrace overlook the river and give it a character that is the pride of the Bourquais.

We have organised a guided tour of the Citadel and its Museum which houses a fine collection of ornate and practical horse drawn carriages. Explore the underground passage ways constructed for goods to be transported from the river bank up into the citadel, the passage ways lead us to downtown and our walk to the restaurant Plaisance, (please see the menu below).

Following lunch, we will take a tranquil walk back to the parking through the quaint and interesting narrow streets of high town. Benedicte will explain the history and some interesting features.

We will meet at 11am in Place Du District next to the church St Geronce and the Mairie, where there is parking (alternative parking is available on adjacent streets). The walk is approximately 100 metres to the citadel entrance.

Lunch Menu – Le Plaisance Restaurant, Bourg en Gironde

Aperitif Kir Cassis, assortment des canapes traiteur


Terrine Salmon avec sauce cocktail

Tartine Facon Brochetta

(pain, huile de olive, tomates fraiche, serrano et mozzarella)

Aumoniere de volaille au cepes


Noix joue de pork braises au marsala et tagliatelle

Filet de Esturgeon a la Plancha, rix basmati, petit legumes et beurre blanc

Supreme de Poulet en caisson lente et gratin dauphinoise.


Tiramisu maison au praline

mi-cuit au chocolat sa boule glace vanilla;

ou soupe de fruits frais aux saison et son sorbet


Inclus Vin Rouge Chateau Plaisance, 1 boteuille 75cl par 4 personnes

The cost is 29 euros per person for the tour and lunch. This includes 4 euros for the guided tour of the Citadel and 25 euros for the lunch including aperitif, 3 course lunch, wine and coffee. If you only wish to participate in one of these options please contact Norma by email link below.

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