VISIT TO MAISON LILLET AND LUNCH – Wednesday October 7th 2020

After discussion with Maison Lillet, they have confirmed that the maximum number they can receive at any one time is 10. There will therefore be 2 visits, each accompanied by Alain Mounolu : one at 11h in the morning and the other at 15h in the afternoon.

Between the two visits there will be a lunch at the ENTREE DU JARDIN in Cadillac.

The visit, which lasts an hour and a half, includes an illustrated history of the wine, orange and herb based aperitif and of the people who make it, followed by a tasting of the three varieties. Paul and Raymond Lillet created “Lillet Blanc” in 1887. The drink became very popular in the cocktail era of the 1920s and 30s. One ‘l’ was then added to the name for ‘Lillet’ to be pronounced the French way overseas. ‘Lillet Rouge’ was introduced by Pierre Lillet in 1962, while ‘Lillet Rosé’ is a 21st century addition.

The cost of the visit is 3€ per person to be paid individually on arrival. To save time please make sure that you have the necessary small change.

The ENTREE DU JARDIN are providing a three course menu for 25€, including coffee and wine. Lunch is scheduled at 12.45 for 13.00 to allow time for the first group to arrive. The second group will need to leave the restaurant not later than 14.45 in order to have time to park the car and walk to Maison Lillet for the visit at 15.00 The Lunch Menu will follow.

Payment for lunch is to be made individually on the day.

HOW TO GET THERE AND PARK (Please click here for a map).

PODENSAC is on the old nationale 113 Bordeaux-Toulouse road. ACCESS via A 62 Bordeaux-Toulouse motorway EXIT 19 on the Rocade. Leave the motorway at EXIT 2, before the toll section, and follow the green AGEN/TOULOUSE signs or continue on to EXIT 3 for PODENSAC and pay the toll. Possibly a simpler way than going through the string of villages with stiff speed breakers (believe me, the ‘30’ signs must be complied with for your car’s sake) and at least one speed camera as well as ample traffic.

PARKING – Podensac

– coming from EXIT 2 : drive past the white, blue and red LILLET building on your left and 100m on, also on your left, you will see the car park on the allées at the 2nd traffic lights.

– coming from EXIT 3 : turn right at the lights, car park is immediately on your left as above


Access via the recent bridge from Podensac ( signs to Cadillac) via Béguey, then round the walls to your right at the roundabout; the restaurant L’ENTREE JARDIN – opens on the Rue du Pont which goes up to the old bridge that connects Cadillac and Cérons. CAR PARK is at the back of the restaurant off Allée du Jardin Public ( Jardin Public sign ) to your right, just across from the Porte de la Mer on your left, which towers clear above the walls. Public car park on the left, entrance to ENTREE JARDIN car park 40 m down on the right between two signposted pillars giving access to the restaurant past the swimming pool.


Reservations should be made by emailing direct to Pamela at with a copy to Alain at