Visits and lunch Wednesday May 13 2020, Vallée de la Garonne, Podensac et Beautiran.

Visits and lunch Wednesday May 13 2020, Vallée de la Garonne, Podensac et Beautiran.

Location is 25-30 km South-East of Bordeaux along the old Bordeaux-Toulouse road.

We’ll visit Maison Lillet at Podensac  at 11.00: the illustrated  history of the wine-orange and herb based aperitif and the people who make it, with a degustation of the three varieties.

Paul and Raymond Lilet created “Lillet Blanc” in 1887. The drink got to be world-known in the cocktail era of the 1920s and 30s. One ‘l’ was then added to the name for ‘Lillet’ to be pronounced the French way overseas. Pierre Lillet introduced “Lillet Rouge” in 1962 while “Lillet Rosé” is a 21st century addition.

Lunch next door at Chez Charlotte, 20 place Gambetta at Podensac. 25-30€. Visits and lunch are to be paid individually on the spot.

At 15.00, we’ll visit the Musée des Sciences et des Techniques at Villa Maglya, 5 chemin de Balambits at Beautiran. It offers three centres of interest for all tastes.

The first centres round the manufacturing  of the so-called “toiles de Bordeaux” or ‘Bordeaux printed cloth’ –actually situated at Beautiran- with a fine collection of 18/19th century fabrics inspired by the famous “toiles de Jouy”.

The next section retraces the history of aluminium to this day, the third is about photography.

Meeting place and time: 10.15 to 10.30 on the central square at Podensac where there is parking space and a café. Access from the A 62 motorway, at the end of the toll-free (sans péage) section, follow the LANGON sans péage green sign (sortie 2). Then just drive down the string of villages to Podensac. It’s usually a busy road, with numerous lying policemen and at least one speed trap.

There is a risk that this event maybe postponed due to COVID-19. Consequently, there is no advance payment required. Nevertheless, please express your interest in participating by emailing to with a copy to