Winter Fuel Allowance paid to British Nationals resident in France & EU – Closes on Friday 4 September 2015

“House of Commons Work and Pensions Select Committee Benefit Delivery Inquiry” – The deadline for submissions is Friday 4 September 2015

benefits square icon for web-largerThe Work and Pensions Committee is holding an inquiry into the timeliness and accuracy of benefit delivery by the Department of Work and Pensions.
The official website for the inquiry here points out that potential problems that can arise when benefits are delayed or underpaid, including people having to resort to food banks for emergency food rations.
The Committee invites written submissions on:
  • The extent to which the DWP delivers benefit and Universal Credit payments correctly and promptly
  • The impact of errors and delays and how such effects are mitigated
  • How the Department’s performance in this area might be monitored and improved.
Quote from a committee member -“Vulnerable people are often left in a position where they have no money to heat their homes or feed themselves for several days or weeks. […] I welcome the opportunity to explore these and many other issues that have been raised with me through the inquiry.”
* Winter Fuel Allowance
The scope of this inquiry includes the concerns that British citizens have about the planned withdrawal from September 2015 of the Winter Fuel Payment (WFP) from residents in France in contravention of the EU principle of equal treatment in cross-border social security matters. Cases of hardship may arise as a result.
Should you know anyone where of any financial difficulties which will be caused to them, or to an acquaintance by the withdrawal of Winter Fuel Payment, or who have experienced other state benefit difficulties, we suggest that you or they bring such cases to the attention of the Select Committee.
Submissions, preferable based on personal experience, should be made through the inquiry page of the website here
The deadline for submissions is Friday 4 September 2015.