2021 Membership renewal for BBC Members is now open here

Welcome to the Bordeaux British Community website. Following the lock-down and subsequent restrictions, we are continuing our activities albeit still subject to certain rules, regulations and recommendations. 

The committee have discussed the idea of more interest group activities, such as walking groups, book clubs and cookery groups/recipe shares. Walking groups and the Book Club are underway.

We welcome ideas and recommendations for future events and activities. Please contact one of the committee to share your ideas.

Online Registration for Residence Permits for British Citizens in France

If you are a British Citizen but without dual nationality of another EU country then please read on!

British nationals residing in France or coming to settle here before 31 December 2020 must apply for a residence permit online here before 1 July 2021.

Possession of a residence permit will be compulsory from 1 October 2021 for any British national over the age of 18. Until that date, your rights in terms of residence, professional activity and all your social rights will be maintained.  For example a family of two parents with two children over the age of 18 need to make four separate online applications to apply for a permit for each member of the household.

Minors (under 18) are exempt from the obligation to hold a residence permit. Parents or guardians do not need to make an application on their behalf.

Existing Carte de Sejour residence permits previously issued to UK nationals and their family members will no longer be valid from 1 October 2021.

The online application must be made here to obtain a residence permit bearing the words “UK withdrawal agreement from the EU”.

You are strongly advised to complete the registration process as soon as possible here. Do not leave it to the last minute to try and find those long lost documents!  Please note that you cannot apply for the new residency permit at your local préfecture even though your online application will likely be processed by that préfecture. 

The online registration process is available both in english or french and is straight forward to complete including uploading your supporting documents as selected from the options available. In summary if you do not have an existing carte de sejour and you have been living in France for more than 5 years then you need to prove that:

You are currently living in France (for example, an electricity bill (or gas, water, landline, internet access); or a rental lease of less than 6 months or a rent receipt (if tenant); or a council tax notice established less than 6 months old.

Prove your date of installation in France (for example, a lease contract, or a home insurance contract, or a home insurance certificate, or an employment contract, or a pay slip, or a tax notice, or a document issued by social security, or any other supporting document that you deem relevant)

Evidence of insurance or equivalent to cover your healthcare needs.

If you do have an existing carte de sejour the requirements for supporting documents are much reduced.

There are different requirements if you have been living in France for less than 5 years.

It has been reported that as at 25th October there have been 15,000 applications made through the new online system. Added to the 9,000 that were already in the no deal system, the préfectures will have their work cut out. Anything you can do to get your application correct the first time will help you.

If any BBC member is struggling with the IT aspects of using the system then please email the BBC here and we will try and help.  However please note that, although we can discuss, we cannot advise on the way forward for individuals whose personal situation differs from the requirements as set out in the online process.

Official information from the British Government for UK nationals moving to or currently living in France including guidance on residency, healthcare, driving and the Withdrawal Agreement is here

The above information is not exhaustive and is provided only to give BBC members a general overview of the process.


Quiz Night: Wednesday Evenings weekly at 18:00

The Virtual Pub Quizzes have become a regular fun event and take place on a weekly basis every Wednesday evening at 18h and lasting about 45 minutes to 1 hour max.
Widen your horizons! eg When did Switzerland join the UN? 1952 or 1972 or 2002? You never know when you need to have that fact ready to drop into the conversation and impress everyone or to kill the conversation or maybe both!!
For contact details of the organiser, the zoom link and  questions relating to the quiz please click here:  Virtual Pub Quiz details



Due to the current increased rise in Covid-19 infections, this year your committee have made the decision and believe it prudent, to hold our Annual General Meeting on line accessed via a ‘Zoom’ link.

In advance of the meeting we will issue the Annual Report which will include financial and membership status.  I hope that you will read the document and ask questions or pass comment.

For further details from our President Norma Brooks including how to register and zoom linking to the meeting please CLICK HERE


Talk on a Journey to a Plastic Free World: 7pm Friday 27th November 2020

The BBC is hosting a Zoom Talk – Journey to a Plastic Free World.  This lecture will be a macro view on the world’s plastic problem and the collective individual solutions and alternatives to plastic usage.

Our guest speaker, Fiona Cheremeteff, started her plastic free journey about 4 years ago and has already achieved some key milestones and managed to reduce her plastic consumption and waste by more than half.

The talk will last for an hour and will include time for members to ask questions.  Fiona will provide a background to the world’s plastic problem and will explain her journey to establish her company to help people live in a sustainable, lower impact, even zero waste, way.  During the talk she will showcase and demonstrate some of her favourite plastic-free products such as FSC wood washing up brushes, stainless steel lunch boxes, and bamboo toothbrushes.

More information and how to register for this ZOOM Sessions click HERE

CANCELLED – BBC Christmas Party Friday 11th December

Even though the Christmas Party is usually in December, the unpredictability of the Covid restrictions make it unwise to make a firm reservation at the venue, pay the deposit and then possibly be forced to cancel facilities at short notice and become liable for more costs. Even if we decided to take that risk and go ahead it is very likely that some restrictions will still be in place.

The presence of restrictions will remove much of the party atmosphere that we all enjoy so much.  It would no longer be a Christmas Party.

For the above reasons your committee has decided to cancel and are working on a fun alternative. Watch this space!

Walk and Talk – Moustey: Wednesday 16th December 2020 (DATE TO BE CONFIRMED)

New Year Walk –  Biscarrosse: Wednesday 6th January  2021 (DATE TO BE CONFIRMED)


Golf in recent months for various reasons has been a little slow, weather, injuries, and now the dreaded bug.  

Golf course to be arranged and date,  There may be restrictions regarding  grouping numbers.

If you are up for a game or just want to join us for the walk and the exercise, please contact Brian with your preferences

Brian Mason tel 0683931378 or email brian.mason343@gmail.com