Dear Member

As we come out of confinement, we hope that you, your family and friends are all safe, keeping in good health and good spirits.   

In June, we are planning some small group activities with golf and walks in Bordeaux and the surrounding regions. We will also be continuing with our virtual activities on-line, including the Wednesday Pub Quiz and virtual tours of museums, parks and galleries. For security reasons, these virtual events will only be communicated by email  where you will find a link to join the Zoom session. A special thank you to Claire Simes, Steve Simes and Henley Johnson for their excellent organisation.

In line with government regulations, events will be limited to 10 people, respect social distancing, limited in travel to 100km and require masks to be worn where applicable. Pre-registration with the organiser is obligatory in order to control numbers attending.

There are a number of deferred events/activities to date and these will be rescheduled for later in the year, possibly July/August.

Please all take care, keep healthy and safe and offer you all our very warmest and fondest  best wishes.

BBC Committee


With the success of the Virtual Pub Quizzes, more are being organised on a weekly basis each Wednesday evening at 18h and lasting about 45 minutes to 1 hour max.  Members will receive an email giving details of how to join the Zoom session. For sec
urity reasons the access codes to join the quiz will only be available in the email. For contact details of the organiser of the quiz please  click on the following link: 



Golf in recent months for various reasons has been a little slow, weather, injuries, and now the dreaded bug.  Maybe June would be a good time to loose a ball or three.

Golf course to be arranged and date,  There may be restrictions regarding  grouping numbers. If you are up for a game or just want to join us for the walk and the exercise, please contact with your preferences

Brian Mason tel 0683931378 or email brian.mason343@gmail.com


Feel like a quiet get-together with a walk and talk that complies with the present Covid safety regulations?  Why not join one or more of a series of ‘Libres parcours’ / ‘Chosen walks’ and talks the Committee is planning.

When, where and how? Please click HERE for more information


BBC Members – 2020 Subscription Renewal

Membership renewal and payment for 2020 is available. To renew your membership for 2020, please ‘click’ here


Visit to Bourg en Gironde, Citadelle, Museum & Lunch

We have organised a guided tour of the Citadel and museum which houses a fine collection of ornate and practical horse drawn carriages. Explore the underground passage ways constructed for goods to be transported from the river bank up into the citadel, the passage ways lead us to downtown and our walk to the restaurant Plaisance.

Following lunch, we take a tranquil walk back to the parking through the quaint and interesting narrow streets of high town. Benedicte will explain the history and some interesting features. All the details and how to book can be found HERE.

Walk & Picnic Le Teich Ornithological Reserve

We are organising a visit to Le Teich Ornithological Reserve on Monday 6th April. This is a protected nature reserve of some 110 hectares of wooded areas, reed beds, meadows and salt marches by the Bay of Arcachon. Bring your binoculars and a packed picnic lunch, not forgetting your picnic blanket and chairs.

To attend please email eventorgbm@bordeauxbritish.com

For more information PLEASE CLICK HERE

St George’s Spring Party in MOUSTEY

It is time again for BBC’s annual St George’s Spring Party – and what feast could be more English than a curry?

The celebration starts at midday with an aperitif followed by a 3 course lunch.  Wine is not included so please bring your own.

We will be entertained by Clownette and BBClown with magic shows – and maybe something royal as it will be a few days after Her Majesty’s 94th birthday.

For more information and bookings please CLICK HERE

You can also email Nigel on membershipsecretary@bordeauxbritish.com

Visits and lunch  Vallée de la Garonne, Podensac et Beautiran.

Location is 25-30 km South-East of Bordeaux along the old Bordeaux-Toulouse road. 

We’ll visit Maison Lillet at Podensac  at 11.00: the illustrated  history of the wine-orange and herb based aperitif and the people who make it, with a degustation of the three varieties.  Paul and Raymond Lilet created “Lillet Blanc” in 1887. The drink got to be world-known in the cocktail era of the 1920s and 30s. One ‘l’ was then added to the name for ‘Lillet’ to be pronounced the French way overseas. Pierre Lillet introduced “Lillet Rouge” in 1962 while “Lillet Rosé” is a 21st century addition.

Lunch next door at Chez Charlotte, 20 place Gambetta at Podensac. 25-30€. Visits and lunch are to be paid individually on the spot. At 15.00, we’ll visit the Musée des Sciences et des Techniques at Villa Maglya, 5 chemin de Balambits at Beautiran. It offers three centers of interest for all tastes. The first centers round the manufacturing  of the so-called “toiles de Bordeaux” or ‘Bordeaux printed cloth’ –actually situated at Beautiran- with a fine collection of 18/19th century fabrics inspired by the famous “toiles de Jouy”. The next section retraces the history of aluminium to this day, the third is about photography.

Meeting place and time: 10.15 to 10.30 on the central square at Podensac where ther is parking space and a café. Access from the A 62 motorway, at the end of the toll-free (sans péage) section, follow the LANGON sans péage green sign (sortie 2). Then just drive down the string of villages to Podensac. It’s usually a busy road, with numerous lying policemen and at least one speed trap.

There is a risk that this event maybe postponed due to COVID-19. Consequently, there is no advance payment required. Nevertheless, please express your interest in participating by emailing to eventorgpp@bordeauxbritish.com with a copy to eventorgam@bordeauxbritish.com.