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Who Are We?

We are the Association Bordeaux British Community, a long-established social association for English speakers in Bordeaux, the Gironde and beyond. We are an Association registered in France and run by the membership for the enjoyment of the membership.

We organise a full programme of varied activities where you will be able to meet people, share experiences, get to know the area more and enjoy yourselves!  Join the Association Bordeaux British Community here.

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Visit & Walk: Domaine de Certes – 10h Friday 7th May

The Domaine de Certes -Graveyron covers 531 hectares of natural sites and harbours a large variety of wildlife. In Certes, the Marquis de Civrac built dykes on the tidal marshes to create Bassins and produce salt. Eventually the Graveyron and Certes dykes were converted for fish farming, agriculture and forestry as the salt works disappeared.

After 1960, the production ended completely and the two areas are now been concentrated on the preservation of wildlife such as swans, egrets, cormorants, black kites, grey herons and storks.

Our walk will take us around the Graveyron loop which starts and ends at Audenge harbour. On the way, you will see La Vacherie (the cow barn) which is open to the public, the majestic Chateau which is currently being restored to create a tourist project and the unspoilt beach of Graveyron where you can take a dip if the fancy takes you!

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Walk & Talk EYSINES-Centre, Thurs 13/Mon 17 May

Join us for a walk and talk around Eysines.

The centre of Eysines has kept a visible heritage of its past as a market-gardening community: low cream-couloured échoppes with distinctive barns, old noble houses, a little château with remarkable trees, a dovecote and garden-tool museum.                                                                                                             

Meeting place and time: Eysines Centre D Tram stop 14.00 hr, 72 bus stop & free carpark close by.

Please click on READ MORE to see the registration details

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Virtual Pub Quiz: 18hrs on the 23rd June

BBC Quizzes are still continuing despite COVID regulations!!
Hosted by Claire, the Virtual Pub Quizzes have become a regular fun event and take place on a weekly basis every Wednesday evening at 18h and lasting about 45 minutes to 1 hour max. There are regularly around 20 participants who enjoy not just the quiz but meeting up and chatting.
Widen your horizons! eg When did Switzerland join the UN? 1952 or 1972 or 2002? You never know when you need to have that fact ready to drop into the conversation and impress everyone or to kill the conversation or maybe both!!Read More »Virtual Pub Quiz: 18hrs on the 23rd June

An Introduction to Sophrology: 14.00h Monday 21st June

Sophrology is a structured method of personal development designed to reduce stress and promote mental and physical well-being. It has become very popular in this time of COVID.

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, sleeping badly or suffering chronic pain then this event will be perfect. Or maybe you would just like to enjoy an interesting and relaxing morning with a few friends.

Mandy Postlethwaite is a trained Sophrologist working in English and French and has now set up her own Cabinet which is already proving a great success as so many medical practitioners are referring patients especially during these difficult times.

Mandy has kindly offered to host a series of group workshops at her home, depending on the numbers, to introduce the benefits of Sophrology.

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Castelnau de Médoc Walk: Wed 23 June 14.00 hr

Castelnau is a typical Médoc-Gironde commune, a lordship with a long history, with vineyards, a pine forest, a few interesting old buildings and a long history as a Compostela stopover for Brits on their way along the seaside route. The bypass has made an enormous difference and the once congested town centre is now a quieter place. A breath of fresh air and a tranquille walk.                                                                                                     

We will meet by l’Eglise St Jacques de Castelnau at 14.00 h /14.15.     Press READ MORE for registration details.

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Visit to Ecomusée de Marquèze – Friday July 16th

Feel like a trip, for all the family, into the local, olde-worlde Landais countryside? Something like a childhood dream, complete with period train, farm, animals, grandfather clocks, sepia photos, the lot?          

A day at Marquèze is the answer.                                                                                                                                 

 Since 1969, the Parc Naturel Régional des Landes de Gascogne authority have reorganised a big clearing of the commune of Sabres in the Landes (40), recreating the system of farming and cattle raising which prevailed 150 years ago, at the time when the ‘landes’ were being transformed into a massive forest. The buildings are local or come from nearby areas and recreate the spheres of the clearing, the farm, the fields, the river and the forest, seen in their original context. Dépaysement garanti¸ quaint, exotic, refreshing right from the start… when you have to leave your car behind and climb into a creaky, puffing period tchoo-tchoo.     You’ll love it, so will the kids

For a group booking and reduced pricing, we need 15 people. If you are interested, please let Alain know, as soon as possible as groups need to be organised four weeks in advance, i.e by mid-June.

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An Evening with Tony Rix: Friday 23rd April at 19h

If you were present at the Summer Party in 2018 you will want to see him again. If you missed him in 2018, you will not want to miss him this time. All possible from your armchair with a zoom connection.

Tony Rix is widely acknowledged as one of the most talented entertainers in the field of magic.  What started out life as a hobby grew into a whole range of product options, using magic and the allied arts as a vehicle to entertain both adults and children. Hence, the name “Magic Unlimited”.

Retired now, Tony will be introducing a number of videos from his past performances which trace his career in Comedy Magic. Whether you think he is a comedy magician or magical comedian is of no consequence.  His sole aim is to entertain. But be prepared to expect the unexpected!

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WALK  “Folies Bourgeoises des Boulevards de Bordeaux” Monday 19 April at 14h


From March 26th, BBC walking-talking groups will not exceed 6 people.

So Alain has organised a repeat of this walk, same time and place but for Monday 19h April. Two places available.

Join us for a walk which highlights the “Middle-class architectural fancy of the Bordeaux Boulevards”.

Starting time and place: 14h at the Barrière du Médoc D tram stop on the Bordeaux side.   There is a stop for Bus 9, and also a carpark close-by.                                                  

Between 1860 and 1910, the boulevards established the limit between Bordeaux and its suburbs with a wide, tree-lined ring road with a series of’ toll gates called barrières’.

Architects sometimes indulged their fancies as this was a prize building area. Those were the days.

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