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  • In believing Carl Beech, the Met put the public at risk | Ceri Thomas 23/07/2019
    Operation Midland officers must ask themselves how they came to abandon evidence-based policingMany months before the Panorama investigation into Operation Midland was broadcast in October 2015, I sat in a cafe in central London with a very senior officer who had just left the Metropolitan police. He was there as a go-between, doing a favour to ex-colleagues […]
    Ceri Thomas
  • The Guardian view on Boris Johnson’s leadership: the years of a clown | Editorial 23/07/2019
    If the UK’s new prime minister thinks he can sup with populists like Nigel Farage and Donald Trump over Brexit, he risks ending up as dessertThe Conservative party has finally got a leader it deserves. As the UK’s next prime minister, Boris Johnson won’t be able to outrun boring facts and hide from bad publicity. He faces the most daunting challenge – that o […]
  • The Guardian view on violence in Hong Kong: an attack on the idea of democracy | Editorial 23/07/2019
    Criminals may have launched the bloody assaults on rail passengers, but the incident is more likely to inflame than quell the anger at authoritiesWe are very unlikely to find out who arranged for thugs to rampage through a Hong Kong train station, armed with wooden sticks and metal rods, hospitalising 45 peaceful passengers. Yet if their approach was indiscr […]
  • Brace yourself, Britain, for a long stint of bad government under Boris Johnson | Rafael Behr 23/07/2019
    Recent history has shown rogue leaders can win elections. Our new PM can be unfit for office but effective at staying thereIf Boris Johnson is the answer, what was the question? To the 92,153 party members who voted for him, the new Conservative leader offers a remedy to two ailments: persistent membership of the EU and shrunken Tory popularity. Applying gen […]
    Rafael Behr
  • Steve Bell on Boris Johnson's election as Tory leader – cartoon 23/07/2019
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    Steve Bell