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  • Martin Rowson on the Mueller report and Russian interference – cartoon 25/03/2019
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    Martin Rowson
  • The Tories are no longer a party, and Theresa May must know that | Polly Toynbee 25/03/2019
    Brexit has split what was left of the Conservatives. The sooner they realise it, the better for the countryJust another day in Brexit deadlock, as the prime minister rose to address the parliament she had so brutishly insulted with her demagogic “I am on your side” attempt to speak to “the people” over MPs’ heads. No apology, but she came to admit that her d […]
    Polly Toynbee
  • Theresa May is effectively gone. She is a leader in name only | Michael Heseltine 25/03/2019
    This is a national humiliation, made in Britain, made by Brexit. And the prime minister has no control over eventsBrexit is the biggest peacetime crisis we have faced and a no-deal Brexit could provoke a national emergency. The depth and scale of the divisions and the narrowness of the majority in favour of leaving the EU mean that the most sensible step wou […]
    Michael Heseltine
  • The Guardian view on parliament and Brexit: take back control | Editorial 25/03/2019
    By refusing to compromise with MPs over her Brexit plan, Theresa May sinks her premiershipBrexit is a revolution, so expect revolutionary consequences. It appears the UK has reached a potentially decisive turning point in the direction of the constitutional order. Parliamentary government is essentially a government by means of party, yet the complete breakd […]
  • The Guardian view on the Mueller report: release it in full | Editorial 25/03/2019
    Donald Trump can only be defeated when Democrats understand why he wonOnly Donald Trump could describe as “Total EXONERATION” the findings of a two-year investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller that says it “does not exonerate” the US president. Facts matter little to Mr Trump. He prefers to trade in conspiracy theories where evidence does not drive t […]