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  • Watership Down should be about death and destruction, not fluffy rabbits | Stephanie Merritt 11/12/2018
    I loved the 1978 film as a child, even though it terrified me. The remake should have kept the wild darkness, not toned it downWe don’t like to think about death too much at Christmas these days, especially when it comes to children’s stories. This is a shame, because dwelling on the proximity of darkness has been a significant part of our collective storyte […]
    Stephanie Merritt
  • Brexit is a failed project. Labour must oppose it | Paul Mason 11/12/2018
    The opposition should get behind a second referendum – and vote to remainSometimes, in politics, you just have to fight for what you believe in. I believe that – amid the current geopolitical meltdown – staying in the European Union and reforming it is safer than casting ourselves adrift with a bunch of rightwing Tory xenophobes at the helm.But since the ref […]
    Paul Mason
  • Jimmy McGovern’s Care has shed light on a crisis. Now we need a solution | Dawn Foster 11/12/2018
    A ‘Grey New Deal’ for Britain could halt the crisis in elderly care – budget cuts are ruining livesEarly in Jimmy McGovern’s BBC drama Care, broadcast on Sunday, an occupational therapist takes Mary, a character recently diagnosed with vascular dementia after a stroke, to a test kitchen in the hospital and asks her to make herself a cup of tea by first placi […]
    Dawn Foster
  • Theresa May’s cowardly blunder may have saved us from Brexit | Polly Toynbee 10/12/2018
    A second referendum is now the only way out of this car crashWhat cowardice. She roused the country to the great climax of Tuesday’s parliamentary vote on her EU withdrawal deal, only to beat a retreat – yet another fateful error in Theresa May’s miserable, blundering leadership. This vote was set to be the cathartic moment when the country finally faced the […]
    Polly Toynbee
  • The Guardian view on the Brexit vote: the prime minister is on the run | Editorial 10/12/2018
    Theresa May continues to treat parliament with contempt, as her authority drains away on the most important issue facing BritainTheresa May decided to pull the parliamentary vote on her Brexit withdrawal agreement because she knew she would lose. She has been humiliated by her own MPs. It is staggering that this defeat only became obvious to her after it had […]