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  • Italy needs a hero, and in this 16th-century martyr it can find one | Stephanie Merritt 17/02/2019
    Philosopher Giordano Bruno, burned for heresy in 1600, has become a symbol of free expression and toleranceEvery year on 17 February, a crowd gathers in Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori to lay wreaths, poems and candles at the foot of the statue that glowers towards the Vatican from beneath its friar’s cowl. The man it memorialises, the Neapolitan philosopher Giordano […]
    Stephanie Merritt
  • Without territory or new recruits, Islamic State is in its death throes | Jason Burke 17/02/2019
    Dimninished and cornered, the terrorist group has lost its appeal for young MuslimsThe last fighters are holding out, just. The leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is still alive but hiding somewhere in the desert. We have already had one “final defeat” of Islamic State. This came 18 months ago when the organisation’s capital, Raqqa, fell. Once, it held territory […]
    Jason Burke
  • An absurd vanity project for our age – Boris Johnson’s garden bridge | Rowan Moore 17/02/2019
    This scandalously mismanaged ‘gift to the people of London’ will cost the taxpayer £43m. For nothingWe are invited to embark on an adventure. It will be an emblem of the enterprise of a proud people. Its cost will be zero, or not much, or a sum that, if quite large, will absolutely be worth it. Naysayers are pooh-poohed. Practical objections are for losers. […]
    Rowan Moore
  • The possibility of redemption is central to a humane society | Kenan Malik 17/02/2019
    Whatever her actions are found to be, Britain cannot wash its hands of Shamima BegumHow do you solve a problem like Shamima? In February 2015, 15-year-old east London schoolgirl Shamima Begum travelled to Syria with two friends, Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana, to join Islamic State. Last week, she was discovered in al-Hawl, a Syrian refugee camp, by the Time […]
    Kenan Malik
  • Mrs May and Mr Corbyn are complicit in Britain’s drift towards disaster | Andrew Rawnsley 17/02/2019
    A lot of the blame lies with the cynical manoeuvres of the party leaders, but parliament as a whole also bears responsibilityHigh noon. Mexican standoff. Last chance saloon. There’s been no end of opportunities to deploy metaphors drawn from the Wild West to describe Brexit. This is kind of appropriate since the benighted enterprise was triggered by a bunch […]
    Andrew Rawnsley